This is the case of a girl aged 10 years suffering from gluten allergy.

Her parents told me that she had been suffering from this problem from the age of 2 years. But it was not known to them that she was suffering from gluten allergy. They took medicine from local doctors which gave either little or no relief. Then when she was 6years old they went to Dr Harbans Lal. He asked them to go to PGI and there she was diagnosed to be suffering from coeliac disease. The doctors at PGI advised her to take gluten free diet for whole life i.e. she was advised not to take any wheat products for the rest of her life.

Complaints:She suffered from pain in abdomen whenever she used to eat wheat or wheat products. She suffered from loose motions and weight loss. She was regularly taking iron otherwise she became anaemic and weak. She was strictly on wheat free diet when she came to me. She used to feel normal whenever she did not take wheat.

On asking about her nature her mother told me that she is very obedient and stands first in her class. She completes her work all by herself. Only during her exams she is taught by her mother. She feels hungry all the time and after every few hours she wants something to eat. She has fear of dark and fear of injections.

On asking about her nature regarding her extracurricular activities her mother told me that she is very shy and does not participate in such activities. Sometimes she participates in group performances but not alone. She is introvert and reserve. She talks less and loves to play with children. On television she likes to watch cartoons.

I asked from her mother if she faced any problem during her pregnancy because many times women during pregnancy face some family problems that affect their pregnancy. This impacts the health of the child too. Her mother told that she did not face any adverse circumstances during her pregnancy.

Thermals: Chilly
Thirst: less

Further her mother told that sometimes she asks many questions.
She controls her diet as her parents have advised her not to take wheat or wheat products. She gets angry at times and can at times be obstinate also. She cries very easily and consolation ameliorates her. Sometimes she drops things held in her hand on account of her being so timid.

When I compiled all the observations in the computer, 2-3 very important medicines came out which were already in my mind. So I started the case with Pulsatilla.


8.4.07       Pulsatilla 30/1.

6.5.07       Pain in abdomen occasional, not much better, though she did not take any wheat or wheat products. Puls 200/1.

3.6.07        As such. Pain occasional in abdomen. Puls 1m/1.
After 3 months: I found that the patient had the same condition after taking three months of medicine. I wanted to analyze it once again. I took the case again. This time around I noticed one very important point; which was ‘Timidity, about appearing in public’. Now I took it in repertorisation and it was missing in Pulsatilla. So I thought to change the medicine. After putting this rubric I came out with two medicines, Lyco and Sil. But she had no character of domination rather she was docile. So I thought of giving her Silicea because though she was intelligent and a topper but she was timid and never participated in solo performances.


8.7.07      Silicea 30/1. She was advised not to take any wheat products and remain on the same diet which she is taking now.

9.9.07      Better, less pain in abdomen. I gave a dose of Sil 200/1. Medicine was continued for five months.

10.2.08     There was no pain in abdomen but occasional headache. Sil 200/1. The patient was advised to take one diet of wheat in a week.

3.4.08        Relief. Even with wheat intake once in a week, the child felt no problem. Medicine for a month and asked to eat twice or thrice in a week.

18.5.08      The child started taking wheat frequently.

Last report: 1.9.08 On telephone her mother told me that now her daughter is free from all the symptoms which she used to experience previously while taking wheat. She is taking all the three meals of wheat in a day and is fine. She has no pain or loose motions. Her weight is also increasing. She is not taking any extra iron and is in perfect health

Two important changes occurred. One, the pain in abdomen was never felt from the last 7-8months. Even after taking wheat, she experienced no pain or loose motions. Secondly her weight which was 21 kg at the time of start of the treatment now increased to 27kgs. Her Hb was also low in the beginning and she used to take iron tablets etc. Now it has increased and I advised her not to take any extra iron.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.