What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a wonderful science that has power to cure all the diseases. It works on the principle ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ i.e. let like be treated by like. This system was discovered by Dr. Samuel Christian Fredrick Hahnemann who was an M.D. in allopathic medicine. One day when he was translating ‘Cullen’s Materia Medica’ he found it hard to digest that ‘Cinchona bark’ cures malaria fever due to its bitterness. He realised that there are many bitter substances in the world but they can not cure malaria so there has to be some other reason for it. He himself took ‘Cinchona bark’ in small quantity and he developed fever with malaria like symptoms. He tried the same experiment on his family members and found that they too developed similar kind of symptoms of fever. He concluded that small doses of medicinal substance cure symptoms similar to those they produce in healthy human beings. So whenever a person suffers from some ailment he is prescribed a medicine which has the power to produce similar symptoms when administered to a healthy human being.

What are the principles of homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy works on the principle ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ i.e. let like be treated by like. It believes in the prescription of single medicine in minimum dosage with least repetition.

How does a homoeopathic medicine act?

It is accepted that small doses of medicinal substance cure symptoms similar to those they produce in healthy human beings when taken in crude form. Whenever a homoeopathic medicine is administered to a patient it produces similar symptoms of the disease from which the patient is suffering. This way the medicine annihilates the disease in its whole extent.

How is homoeopathy different from allopathy?

Homoeopathy is based on the law of similars. It increases the resistance (immunity) of the body and it has no side effects. Also, it focuses on the individual. On the contrary, allopathic medicines are used in crude form which suppresses or palliates the ailment. Resistance of body decreases due to strong medicines and they generally have a lot of side effects. Allopathic drugs focus on the disease rather than the individual.

How is our approach different from classical homoeopathy?

In classical homoeopathy all the symptoms from head to toe are taken into consideration whereas in our approach only mental setup of the patient is taken into account. (Examples are given in ‘Our approach’).

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects of homoeopathic medicine if prescribed according to the principles of homoeopathy. But if a medicine is taken for a long period without the consultation of a doctor it can produce its own symptoms. Sometimes there is aggravation after the first dose of the medicine. It is due to either high potency or frequent repetition of the medicine.

What is the time duration of the treatment?

There is no specific time duration of the treatment. If the patient is suffering from a chronic disease i.e. suffering from long time the treatment may take time.

Can I continue with my other medication that I have been taking previously?

Medicines for diseases like hypertension, heart problem, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism etc cannot be immediately stopped. So continuation of the other medication depends upon the problem and its duration.

Are there any tests/investigations required for the diagnosis?

Yes, tests/investigations are required for the proper diagnosis of the disease and to know about the prognosis. These tests and investigations help in the treatment of the patient. For example if a patient suffers from fibroid uterus the size of fibroid should be known for the prescription of the medicine. The size of the fibroid can only be known through the tests.

People say that after taking homoeopathy the problem aggravates. Is it true?

No it is not always. It may aggravate in a few cases and that too depends upon many things i.e. whether a strong dose has been given or it has been repeated frequently or allopathic medication has been stopped abruptly.

Are there steroids/hormones in homoeopathy?

No, there are no steroids or hormones in homoeopathy. Medicines are prepared from vegetable (Plant) kingdom, animal kingdom, minerals, nosodes, sarcodes etc. We do not even use combination of drugs because they are against the basic principles of homoeopathy.

Are all the diseases curable under homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a wonderful science. It has the properties of curing all the problems. We see doctors curing cancer, AIDS, tumours, kidney problems, hepatitis etc with the help of medicines. This all depends upon the selection of the medicine. If one gets the best selected medicine he can be cured of the most difficult cases in a short time.

Are there any diet restrictions when I am on homoeo medicine?

There are no diet restrictions unless the patient is allergic to something. If a well selected medicine (similimum) is given to a patient it acts under all circumstances.

Are homeopathic drugs safe for children and pregnant women?

Yes, they are safe. In fact, they are best suited for children and pregnant women as they are given in minimum doses with little repetition. Moreover homoeopathic medicines have no side effects.

What is individualisation?

In homoeopathy it is considered that all individuals are different in their nature, behaviour, habits, living style etc so they need different medicines. For example if there are ten patients suffering from fever or any other ailment, all the ten differing in mental symptoms need different medicines. This is called individualisation. In allopathy medicines are used for diseases not for the individuals that is why they give one medicine to all the patients suffering from same disease.

Is a combination of drugs or multiple drugs given in homoeopathy?

No. It is the basic principle of homoeopathy that a single medicine is given to the patient depending upon the totality of his symptoms.

What is potency of the medicine?

Potency is the power of the medicine. More the potency more is the power.

What can be the precautions taken during homoeopathic treatment?

Truly speaking no precautions are required during homoeopathic treatment. Only if you are allergic to something, avoid using that particular thing for sometime. If it is a well selected medicine and given according to the principles of homoeopathy, it acts under all circumstances. In case any special care or precaution is required that is told before hand during the treatment.

What are the expulsions?

In homoeopathy it is considered that when a well selected medicine is administered, the toxin matter which gets deposited in the body comes out through expulsions; it is in the form of boils, fever, vomiting, loose motions or any other discharge or change in the behaviour. This should not be stopped. The toxins come out of the body and give relief to the ailment. No other medicine is required to stop the exit of toxins from the body. They go by themselves in a short time. This is seen in many cases.