Wheat Allergy/ Gluten Allergy/ Coeliac disease 7


The patient PK suffered from loose motions with frequent stools since childhood. In 2005, she was declared to be suffering from wheat allergy and she stopped eating wheat and wheat products. The chief complaint was – she is thin, her height is less than her classmates. She never takes wheat but if anytime she takes wheat she suffers from loose motion immediately.

They did not have the first report but it was more than 100, they said.

Nature : Her mother told :

  • She is very obedient.
  • She talks a lot and she keeps on talking the whole day.
  • She is very intelligent and stands 1st/2nd in the class.
  • She is very responsible, gets up early at 5 am and studies.
  • She helps her mother in household work.
  • She has fear of dark and injection.
  • She is very quarrelsome.
  • She has good appetite, she is hungry all the time.

Rubrics :

  • Wheat aggravation
  • Fear of dark
  • Fear of injured
  • Responsibility strong
  • Appetite excessive soon at the eating.

Prescription :

14.3.11 Lyco 30
11.4.11 Lyco 200
15.5.11 Lyco 200
9.6.11 Lyco 1 ML,
Report IgA-14.7
30.6.11 OK, advised to start once in a week for one month.
21.7.11 No problem, asked to have two meals in a week. Lyco 1M
Report on 10.10.11 IgA-3.8
22.12.11 No problem, Lyco, PL
26.1.12 Normal diet, No problem, PL-1m
Report on 28.8.12 IgA 1.0
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.