Wheat Allergy/ Gluten Allergy/ Coeliac disease 17 New


Case 3
NK, 8years, female

Celiac from 2014

29.10.14 4.45 (<0.8)
29.3.16 0.54 (<0.8)

During this period they stopped wheat for 2-3 years.

9.2.17 2.33
5.5.17 2.75
Ht 4’6”
Wt 37Kg

They came to me on 1.4.19.

Parents said, from 1and1/2 years she has pain in her abdomen. She used to remain sick and had recurrent fever and loose motions when she was very young. At 3and1/2 yrs of age she got detected with wheat allergy. She took medicine from some renowned homeopath for one year but no result. She was given Stramonium with no relief.

At present she had no complaints but loose motions and vomiting occur occasionally. Whenever she has pain, she cannot bear pain. Only abdominal pain is unbearable for her.

Regarding her nature, they said, she is obedient and not obstinate. She has less fear of dark and no fear of injections. She is very intelligent and gets 90% marks in class. She loves playing games and takes care of her younger brother. She doesn’t allow him to go out alone for the fear of being stolen by someone. Whenever she weeps, she has no tears in her eyes. Whenever she is angry, it is very severe and she says, all of you die, (Saare mar jao) like cursing. This happens many times when she does this. She loves going out and enjoy going to fields. She eats lot of things and is very greedy for eating fruits, vegetables, drinks milk twice.

But her parents stressed on one thing, she cannot tolerate pain in her abdomen.

I took following rubrics
Wheat agg
Yielding disposition
Greed, cupidity
Care others for
Wander desire to
Anger violent
Cursing, desire to curse
Most important and core for me
Intolerance of complaints
Medicine came out was Nux Vomica.
1.4.19 Nux Vom 30
21.4.19 Nux vom 200
28.5.19 Nux vom 1M
Hb 11.4
Ttg 3.3 (<10)
Wt 39.5Kg
Ht 4’71/4”
Better, advised wheat once in a week
Nux vom 1M.
Ttg 1.72 (<12) Nux Vom 1M 3.2.20 Eating twice in a week, no pain in abdomen. Wt 41.4Kg 14.4.20 Pl repeated for two months. 30.6.20 Better, when asked how many times do you eat wheat, she replied, almost daily. Ttg 1.74 (>18)
HT 4’9”
Wt 45 Kg
Nux vom 1M.

Patient is still under treatment for further follow up for 6 months. Though all her reports are normal and she is gaining height and weight but long follow up is always good.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.