Wheat Allergy/ Gluten Allergy/ Coeliac disease 14


SK (Rajasthan)
Age 14, M

The patient came to me on 25.1.14.

His report as on 2.7.13 was:
Hb 9.3,
ESR 19
tTg >300
Endoscopy showed villous atrophy.

Case History:
At the age of 8 years, he suffered from loose motions, pain in abdomen which lasted a long time. Some doctor suggested him for wheat allergy test and was diagnosed with coeliac disease i.e. wheat allergy. He stopped wheat for 3-4 months but again started occasionally. During this period his growth was retarded and weight was also very less. But now he had not taken wheat for the last 6 months.

He is very obedient and is not obstinate. He has no fear of dark or being injured. He never complains about any problem. He bears everything till it becomes unbearable. His parents told that he is very submissive and a good natured child. He makes friends very easily, and told that all the students in his school are his friends. He is a hot patient, likes ice cream etc. He keeps his books and copies neat and clean.

I thought of Cocc, Carc and Phos till this conversation.
When asked his behaviour during sickness, his parents said that he understands the situation of his parents and compromises with that. He neither cries nor disturbs anyone. He doesn’t even ask for wheat.
Now the picture was clear: Recognise reality and accepts.

25.1.14 Cocc Ind 30/1
4.2.14 IgA 4.00 (<10)
Cocc 200/1 dose, cocc 1M/1 in 2nd and 3rd month. Wheat started once in a week.
20.5.14 IgA 2.24 (0.7-4.0)
Repeat for 3 months. Wheat two times in a week continuous.
25.8.14 Repeat for 3 months.
13.12.14 No problem.
25.1.15 tTg 10 (<20)
Repeat or 3 months. Growth, height normal. No complaints.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.