Wheat Allergy/ Gluten Allergy/ Coeliac disease 13


Age 24, F
She came to me on 12.10.12.
tTg 88.049
Her weight was 40.6kg
She was very thin.
She said that she had vomited blood in June, She went to a renowned doctor who told her that this was due to severe constipation. Her vomiting continued for one month. She was suffering from Asthma and uses inhaler.
She suffers from skin eruption during change of weather.

For 7-8years she remained anaemic, may be due to coeliac disease. Once her Hb even reduced to 6. On asking about her nature, she said that she gets irritated easily, but does not vent her anger on anyone. Earlier she used to worry about her disease but now she does not bother much.
She is very intelligent and always stands first in her class. She was very confident in her speech and gestures. She remained topper through out her academic carrier. She said that she is an all-rounder. Even at this young age she is working as an officer in government job.

On the basis of her confidence and she being an all rounder, I started with Aurum Met.

12.10.12 Aurum Met 30/1
29.10.12 Repeat.
19.11.12 Skin eruption as it is, Aurum met 200/1
19.12.12 Aurum Met 1M
18.1.13 Her weight increased to 42.6kg. Aurum met 1M
28.1.13 tTg 16.2, Hb 9.1.Wheat started once a week.
15.2.13 Aurum Met 1M/1
17.3.13 Aurum Met 1M/1

Continued for 3 months
16.6.13 tTg is 9.00, Hb 9.4

She said that she is taking biscuits almost daily. She is alright with this medicine.
7.8.13 Aurum Met 1M/1
she was advised to stop the treatment now.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.