Wheat Allergy/ Gluten Allergy/ Coeliac disease 11


Age 3, F
IgA 298.56
The patient came to me on 26.5.12 with the problem of wheat allergy.
At present her IgA was 51.89, she stopped eating wheat. She was under weight, her Hb was low and height and growth were also low.

Her mother told that the problem started when she was one year old. She had upset stomach and pain in the abdomen. Her condition was so severe that she used to pass motions 100 times in a day. Whenever she took some medicine she remained good for some days then it would start again. Doctors advised for wheat allergy test which was 298.56.

Nature :

  • Her mother told that she is obedient and mischievous some times.
  • Her questions have no end as she is very curious.
  • She has no fear of dark but has fear of injection.
  • She is not obstinate.
  • She is intelligent.
  • She is very possessive for her things.
  • Her memory is very sharp, weeps very quickly and get over it also.
  • She is very good in drawing and coloring.
  • She keeps her books and copies neat.
  • She doesn’t destroy her toys.
  • Thermals Hot Ice cream liking.
  • She perspires a lot.
  • She is very loving.
  • She is very caring and affectionate.
  • If her mother gets sick she asks her about her condition again and again.
  • She gels with others very easily.
  • She feels very happy if anyone comes to her house.

The medicines came to my mind were Cocc, Puls, Lach, Calc Carb, Phos and Nat mur.
But the most important wording in whole case which strike my mind was whenever someone comes to her house she becomes too happy. (Punjabi version: Jado koi ghar aa jaave ta chaa hi charh jaanda hai). This is the theme of Phos.

According to Jan Scholtan: Phos can’t stay alone, he loves company and communication. (I have treated many cases with this medicine on the basis of this theme). Phos is loving, caring and affectionate.

Theme of Phos


Enjoying relationship
Curious to know
So Phos 30 one dose was given.
Next month Phos 200, one dose then 1M one dose.

20.1.13 Ttg 11.60

Wheat was started after 6 months.
Phos was repeated once after every month.

1.Ttg 8.0

Now the patient is taking wheat regularly and her Ttg level is under control. She is still under follow up treatment.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.