Psoriasis Case 3 New


This is the case of BS, age 48 years. He came to me on 13.4.13. He was suffering from skin eruptions on his hands which were severely cracked and dry. He was suffering from such eruptions for the last 2-3 years. It aggravated during change of weather. 7-8 years ago he suffered from cellulitis and had got treatment from PGI, a renowned institute in North India.

On asking about his condition, he said, “If I have to take treatment for any ailment I go to the best doctor. I went to PGI because it is the best in our area. I got medicine from PGI for psoriasis for 1-2 years but I got relief till the time I was taking medicine. If I stop taking medicine, it aggravates again.”

Further he said that he doesn’t get angry. If he speaks out of anger he doesn’t repent. Regarding watching television or music, he had little interest. On asking about anxiety, he replied that God has given him everything, so he has no anxiety. But he said that he has some very different and peculiar habits. I asked about those habits. He said, “I am very health conscious. I go to morning walk daily and at fixed time. I start at 6 am, come back at …….” He narrated all about his daily timetable and schedule; He said that he never gets late for any meeting or for lunch or dinner etc. He works strictly according to his time table.

This was very important for me to know about this habit because with only this symptom which was the core or centre, I reached at the similimum.

He further said that he drinks a lot of water, have fruits and milk and other nutritious things daily. He takes non-veg and alcoholic drinks occasionally. He said that he is very particular about cleanliness.

I took out three rubric:

Fastidious on being time
Exclusive too

There was only one medicine under three rubrics: Natrum Mur I had a choice of Carcinosin who is also fastidious on being time, but I cleared it by asking whether he had any history of domination or strict parents, he said no, his parents were very friendly with him. So Carc was ruled out.

13.4.13 Natrum Mur 30/1 dose. He remained on this medication for 5-6 months with one dose of Nat Mur 200, and 1M after 3-4 months. I advised him to apply Vaseline or coconut oil because it was too dry and it cracked due to dryness.
25.1.14 He is 100% alright but I followed the case for 6 months.
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.