Psoriasis Case 2


Most difficult case of my life
A girl 12years of age was suffering from psoriasis eruptions on her whole body, there was not even a single inch of body part that was without eruption. Whole body was full of scaly white eruptions. When I saw the girl, I was astonished to see her eruptions. From head to toe she had eruptions. It started from her very early childhood, when she was only one year old. It started from ear. She had Ayuvedic medicine for 4 months and was having abdominal pain without medicine, so she left it. She had lot of allopathic medicine for years, but it gave her only temporary relief. The eruption reappeared every time.

Nature: She is a student of 6th class. As this was a very difficulty case and took her history with minute details about her nature.

Her mother told – she is obedient but not too much, sometimes she obeys and sometimes she doesn’t. She cries very easily and if she is controlled, she becomes quiet. She is good in studies and gets upto 95%. She is responsible and studies on her own. She is not much obstinate. She is good at maths and secure full marks in maths. For TV and music, she has no time. She helps her mother with household work. She is fully responsible. She bears her complaints and doesn’t cry due to itching or pain, she doesn’t disturb anyone.

She likes spicy and salty food and not sweets. She has fear of dark and fear of injection. Her handwriting is good and keeps her books in good condition. She talks much (but whenever she comes for medicine, she is quiet). She likes dancing. She bears that much that sometimes even she don’t tell her problem to anyone. She doesn’t spend money at all. She doesn’t take new things if the old one in good condition. She likes chilled water, her friendly circle is good, has many friends.

The medicines that came into mind :
Lachesis, Aurum met, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Cocculus, Carc, Phos. I ruled out one by one. She was responsible though very dominating so Lach was ruled out who is frivolous and talkative and can’t sit still. The patient of Aurum group is outstanding and confident. He is extroverted and participates in all the activities at school and at home. But she was timid and shy like Pulsatilla. She was very not very hot patient even. Silicia was ruled out. She used to take icy-cold water, which is opposite to Silicea. Cocculus takes lot of care for others which is not seen in this patient. As her mother told that she doesn’t bother if her mother is sick or has headache. Though she herself doesn’t disturb anyone.

Now the medicines left were Phos and Carc. As I have a good experience to prescribe phos with such symptoms, I gave her Phos 30 one dose with pl for a week.

There was no relief, Phos was given in different potencies for about 4months. I was surprised there was no relief at all.

I changed her medicine to Carcinocin.

4.5.12 Carc 30/1.
25.5.12 This is the first time that the patient felt better but her menses continued for 8days.
15.6.12 Carc 200/1.
13.7.12 Carc 1M/1.

December 2012, Till now her eruptions reduced to about 70-80%. The process of recovery is very slow but this happened for the first time in her life that her eruptions from her abdomen and extremities are almost clear, only 20% eruptions are left. The patient is still under treatment.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.