Pruritis Vulvae


JK, 2/F,
child had severe itching on the vagina. The child had an irritating nature i.e. weeping all the time, obstinate to get a thing, kicking and throwing things and disobedient.

When asked is she satisfied when her wish is fulfilled? Her parents said, “Yes, she becomes happy when her wish is fulfilled.”


20.10.05 Chamomilla 30


3.1.05 Itching was OK in just 2-3 days. She also had enuresis which her parents didn’t tell last time. So I gave her Cham. 6
17.11.04 There was no improvement in her nature but her itching 100% OK. Cham 200
24.11.04 Little change in nature.
1.12.04 Itching never again, nature is changing. Her weeping and obstinacy has been considerably reduced.
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.