Hypothyroidism Case 2


This is the case of a woman suffering from hyperthyroidism. Her thyroid report was as follow :

T3 – 5.81,

T4 – 1.88,

TSH – 0.010

      She had the problem of numbness in hands and feet with swelling in legs. She is an engineer, working in a private MNC. She constantly complained of pain in legs. Her menstrual history is normal.

Nature :

On asking about her nature she told that she gets very angry at times which lasts for long. She does not say anything to anyone out of the fear as to what others would think of her. She would feel remorse later on. For watching T.V. and music, she said that she has no time to watch television. She lives in a joint family and has to work in kitchen with her mother and sister-in-law. Her job schedule was very hectic. She would leave for work at 8.00 in the morning and come back by 8.00 in the evening. Even after such a hectic day, she had to work in the kitchen and do house hold chores. She has no anxiety or tension of any kind. But she had a very hectic life. In case some guests came to our house, it would become more hectic for me. But she admitted that her husband was very supportive who helped everywhere. He is very gentle and nice.

Regarding expenditure, she spends as much as required. She wants her house to be very neat and clean.

I had only one important symptom around which the whole case revolved that she has a very hectic schedule when she comes home back, she doesn’t want to work but has to do. In case guests come she does not like.

The rubric : Undertakes things opposed to his intentions.

There are two medicines : Sepia and Phos.

Sepia is poor and Phos is content: a big difference. Phos is such a person that whenever some guests come to her house she forgets everything and serve them, communicate with them very happily, where as Sepia is already tired and feels burden on arrival of guests. So Sepia was the choice of remedy.

Medicine : Sepia 1M.

She was advised to go in for thyroid test after one month. Next month her report was very quite encouraging.

TSH : 2.20

As she was out of station, no medicine was given. She went for another test after 2 months on 24.10.09. The report was

T4 : 1.17

TSH : 4.00

She got pregnant within 3 months. No further medicine was given and in August 2010 she gave birth to a beautiful daughter

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.