Fears of Arsenic Album


A girl aged 13, came to me with her mother. She was afraid of a lot of things like insects, darkness, ghosts etc. Her mother told me that she doesn’t take bath until the bathroom has been checked twice or thrice for lizards, cockroaches etc. In case she sees an insect while she is in the bathroom, she starts crying loudly. If she is sitting in the bedroom and she sees a very small insect; she jumps out of the bed and starts crying loudly. Whenever she goes to the market with her mother she holds her mother’s hand tightly on account of her fears.

She likes watching horror movies and serials on TV but starts shrieking at night. She prefers to remain at home and watch TV. She cries very easily but can also be easily consoled.

I enquired about her nature.
Her mother told me that she keeps her books and copies so neat and clean that they look new even at the end of the school session. She does her work very neatly and she has a beautiful handwriting (Fastidious).


1.5.2002 Ars Alb 30.

The medicine was continued for one month and after that, the patient didn’t come for three months. On 4.9.2002 her mother came to consult me regarding her backache. She told me that her daughter is now free from all the fears. Even if she sees lizards in her bathroom, she doesn’t get scared anymore. Her mother was very happy. She also told me that her confidence has also increased. Previously, whenever she went to market she used to tightly hold my hand, but now she never holds my hand and walks confidently on the road with me.”

Chronic Cough
A girl aged 8 years came to me for her problem of cough and constipation. She had this problem for the last three to four years. During case history she told me that she is afraid of a lot of things like from darkness, from being alone, from injection, from lizards, from small insects etc. In short she was afraid of everything.

She is a good student and gets very good marks in her class. She keeps her books and house very tidy. Her handwriting is also very good.

She was given Arsenic album 30
Within one week, her cough got cured. More than half of her fears ceased to exist. When her mother came, she told me that earlier whenever her daughter saw a lizard in the bathroom, she would not even take a bath. She would not even enter the bathroom. But now she has no fear of lizards. She was fully cured in two months.

Similarly, in another case, a girl child of eleven years of age came for the treatment of frequent coryza (common cold) and pain in abdomen and legs. She also had fears of cockroaches, lizards, of being alone, of going in the dark etc. She never went to the bathroom alone on account of her fear of cockroaches. Her mother also confirmed the things told by her daughter.

She was given Arsenic album 30

Just after fifteen days, her mother told me that this is the first time that her daughter used the bathroom alone and she was astonished to see the change in her nature. Previously, whenever she saw a cockroach, she used to cry but yesterday she saw a cockroach and killed it. The girl herself told me that now she is not afraid of cockroaches. All her fears have vanished. Her frequent coryza (common cold) was also cured. She took medicine for 2-3 months and now she is fine with no pain in abdomen or legs etc.

Anxiety with suffocationFeb 2002
MK, aged 55years, came to me for pain in the abdomen.

On investigation she was found to be suffering from cholecystitis.

During case history she told me that she cannot take head bath with the bathroom door bolted. She keeps the door open and asks her daughter-in-law to stand near the door because she feels suffocated during a head bath.

She was given Arsenic Album 30

Within a few days she was alright. Now she does not feel suffocated while taking a head bath. She now bolts the door from inside and no one has to stand outside (what a relief to the daughter in-law!).

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.