Epilepsy Case 3



This is the case of a boy of 20 years of age. He had been suffering from epileptic fits from the age of 2 years. He had severe palpitation with foul smelling perspiration. He was taking anticonvulsant tablet twice daily. Even after taking medicine he suffered from attacks once or twice daily.

He came along with his mother. She told me that his brain was scanned and an abnormality was reported. He takes allopathic medicine regularly but still suffers from fits. He has taken ayurvedic medicine as well. We go wherever someone advises us to go for consultation. But there has been no relief. We are tired of medication.

I asked her. “When does the attack take place?”
She replied, “The palpitation can occur any time. But for the last few months I have noticed that the fits occur during his bath. Whenever he opens the water tap and washes his face or sees his face in the mirror, he suffers an attack. He also suffers an attack when he sees a shiny object”

I enquired about his nature. His mother replied, “He gets angry very quickly but the anger also subsidises easily. He is quarrelsome. But after a fight he immediately comes and sits in my lap and hugs me.”

She stressed on two things that the fit comes during bath and on seeing shiny objects.

Prescription: I gave him a dose of Lyssin 30.

Report:He came back after a week. He had no attack during the period. This was the first time that he had no palpitation or attack for the whole week.

After 15 days, he did not suffer an attack.

After another 15 days, he had very little palpitation but no attack.

After 2 months, there was some problem in the family and he got frightened. He had an attack but of relatively less intensity. I gave a dose of Lyssin 200.

Since then 8 months have passed and he hasn’t suffered from any attack.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.