Epilepsy Case 2



A girl aged 20 years was suffering from epileptic fits for the last 10 years. Sometimes the attacks were very frequent i.e. a number of times daily while at other times there was a difference of 8-10 days between the occurrences of attacks. The attack always took place while she was sleeping or when her sleep was disturbed. She had stopped taking allopathic anti-convulsant drugs as they could not cure the problem.

She had a very pleasing personality and was very active.

Case Taking: When I enquired about her problem, she replied, “I suffer from epileptic fits during sleep or when the sleep gets disturbed. The problem aggravates during social functions and gatherings. I forget everything that takes place just before the attack. My body becomes stiff during the attack and my face hits the ground. She showed me her broken teeth, burnt hand and injury marks on her face sustained because of the sudden epileptic attacks. When the fit gets over, I feel totally broken and there is pain in the body. I can’t get up for about 2-3 hours. I feel debilitated and weak.”

She told me that she has left her studies because during exams, she had to remain awake for a long time during which she suffered from attacks. Regarding her anger she told me that she gets angry very quickly and is quarrelsome. She gets irritated at trifles. She speaks whatever comes to her mind in a fit of rage with little or no repentance. She likes watching soaps on television. Her parents never leave her alone for fear of an attack.

She further told me that she likes attending weddings and parties but she suffers from fits at a social gathering. So her parents don’t take her along. But she has a keen desire to attend marriages and enjoy.

She is very active in her household work. She finishes her work very quickly. She teaches young children. She got very good marks in 10th class. But she could not continue her studies due to this problem.

The important points which I noticed in the case are as follows:1. She is a very intelligent and an attractive girl.
2. The attacks have a connection with sleep.
3. The girl wants to enjoy parties and weddings.
4. She is very active.

Prescription:I gave her Lach 30.

After one week she reported having 1-2 mild attacks of 1-2 seconds duration.

After 15 days, she suffered only one attack of 1-2 seconds. Lach 200 was given.
After another 15 day, she had no attack.
After 2 months, no attack.

After 3 months, no attack.

About one year has passed; she has never suffered from any fit and is fine.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.