Discuss Your Problems

Discuss Your Problems

How to apply for the treatment:

1. Please fill in the ‘General questionnaire’ which is mandatory for all the patients. If you suffer from recurrent fever, migraine, fibroid (tumour or cyst) or depression, please fill in the respective questionnaire also. If you want to get treatment for your child, do fill the questionnaire for children also.

2. Send the payment via ‘Demand draft’ in the name of ‘Dr Neelam Avtar Singh’ or Direct bank transfer. Please mention the period for which medication is required.

3. After receiving your payment, your case will be processed by a team of doctors.

4. Medicine will be sent through post or courier.

5.You can ask for any query via email.

Countries 1 Months 2 Months 4 Months
U.S.A. , Canada and Australia 100$ 175$ 300$
Europe 80€ 150€ 260€
Asia, Africa except India 70$ 130$ 240$
India Rs. 3000 Rs.5500 Rs.10000

Please choose the following Questionnaire and download the MS Word document and send it to the neelamavtar@yahoo.co.uk or askdrneelam@homoeohealings.com with answers.