Depression Case 2


Ms. PK came to my homoeopathic unit at Mohali on 15th May 2004. She was mentally disturbed and had the problem of insomnia from the last 2 years.

Case History: She narrated her history like this, “Dr. Sahib, I am very disturbed. I have several physical as well as mental problems. I have a lot of tension. Though there is everything in my house, still I feel sad and gloomy. I have tension about my husband. He has started taking drugs due to bad company. I am disturbed due to this. He is not a bad person but his friends are addicted and their company has affected my husband also. I can’t sleep. All the time I think about my husband. I always remain irritated. I even beat my children in extreme anger.”

“Dr. I don’t want to do anything. I want to lie in bed the whole time. But when I realize that there is a lot of work to be done, I get out of the bed, complete the pending work and then again I go and lie on the bed. I don’t feel sleepy. I always remain tense. I live in a joint family and all the family members are good to me. There is no dearth of money. We have a lot of property and the tension is regarding my husband only.” She started weeping.

I asked why you don’t ask your husband to leave this habit or ask some other person at home to advise him, so that he may stop taking drugs.

She replied, “Ours is a love marriage. I can’t go to my parents and ask for such a thing. He was a very nice person but I don’t know what happened to him. I have a lot of tension, and due to this tension I am not well. I can’t sleep whole night.”

She further said, “Due to this condition, I want to end my life and die.”

I asked her if she ever attempted suicide. Her prompt reply was, “Yes, once I took a number of sleeping pills but I survived.”

“Dr. Sahib I was a very jovial person. No function in my family was complete without my presence. Now I don’t want to attend any function. I remain very tense and depressed. Sometimes I think why this happened to me. Everything has gone wrong. I am very religious and I used to do daily prayer. Now I don’t want to do it as I am not happy.”

“I have one more problem that my periods (menses) have also become irregular. There is very scanty bleeding as well. It remains for a day only. I have been experiencing this problem from the last 2 years.”

There were many factors in this case to be considered.

First Factor of being ruined: She did not mention even once that she had been ruined. She said that she is mentally disturbed. She does not want to do anything. She wants to remain in bed. Due to this condition she wants to die and tried to commit suicide.

No factor of ‘delusion poor’ is found as she said that there is no dearth of anything.

Taking the factor of resentment towards her husband, I noticed she had no resentment towards her husband because she didn’t abuse her husband for a single time. She said that her husband is a nice person but his company is bad. There was no factor of resentment in her. After analysing all the rubrics, the common medicine to my surprise was Hyoscyamus in place of Ignatia or Lachesis.

So I gave her Hyos 1M as the patient was from a far off place.

Report after one month:
Her parents and brother came to me and told that she is perfectly all right. Now she does all the household work herself. All her physical problems and sleep disorders are also fine. Her anger and irritation has also reduced. She was given medicine for another month.

Report after three months:
She is perfectly alright and doing all the activities of her daily routine normally. She sleeps well now. She is advised to stop medicine.

More than four years have passed, she is quite well and enjoying life.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.