Cyst on Tibial Spine


SV age 40years, Job – Chemist.

MRI report reads as follows:
This is a diagnosed case of erosive changes and subarticular cyst close to tibial spine.

The patient had a history of fall 10-12 years ago and after 5-6 months of fall, he lost the co-ordination with the joint of the knee. He used to fall while walking. He was not able to walk fast. He was not able to work for longer periods while standing. Even he could not walk continuously. He used to be careful while walking so that his joint doesn’t slip.

He took medicine from eminent doctors of ortho from Govt Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh and from various other places as well. But there was no relief at all. Doctors advised him to walk as little as possible and give rest to the joint or it has to be operated.

He used to exercise daily and had a keen interest in sports. He has his own Gym and exercise gave him relief.

On asking about his nature he said that he gets angry at times and it lasts for 15-20 minutes. He speaks off in anger with more or less repentance. He has no worry or anxiety about anything. But he worries about his daughter who suffers from a rare allergy.

When I asked him why did he like to take medicine when he had no pain or any other acute problem and the occurrence of the problem was also limited to once or twice in a month. He said that he has a fear that he may suffer again.

This is the point which is the core of the case. Though he had no acute problem or continuous problem, still he wanted to take medicine on account of the fear only.

He also told me that his father was suffering from severe depression and he had to be sent to asylum for treatment. He feared that he would also suffer from this problem. He told that sometimes he has the symptoms of depression. This is also ‘Fear superstitious’.


25.3.06 Rhus tox 1M.

He did not experience the problem for four months.

After 4 months, he told me that he had noticed something a few days ago. He had to clean his shop and he had to keep standing for several hours and he did not experience any problem at all.

After 6 months, he went for a trip with his family for 10-12days where he had to walk a lot. Still he felt no pain. He said that this was amazing.

He has not experienced the problem again.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.