Asthma Case 2


A patient of asthma and psoriasis from 8-10 years

When the patient came to me he had two major problems. Firstly skin eruptions since 10 years and allergic asthma since 1 year. He used to take allopathy, strong antibiotics and steroids and inhaler for one year.

He had asthma with allergic rhinitis with chest congestion. There was thick yellowish discharge from nose.

His skin eruptions were very severe on his whole body, had thick skin on scalp, behind ears, on face, on nose & neck also. There was a lot of itching with thick scabby skin. It was more in winter and less in summer.

Mental symptoms : On asking about his nature, he told that he is a senior officer in bank. He doesn’t get angry at all. In case he gets, it is for 10-15 minutes. He doesn’t say anything to anyone. He is a cool kind of person. He is of reserve nature. He likes staying alone but happy with his family also. He loves to spend time with his family.

He is very hard working. He completes his work in time, wants all things in normal state. He doesn’t keep his work pending. He doesn’t spend much. He likes travelling. He likes sweets and likes to sit in sun in winter. He is careful in his diet up to 60-70%.. He likes to drink hot water.

In the whole case I didn’t find any prominent mind or physical rubrics but one thing was clear that the patient was very hard working, particular about his work and was family oriented. He had marked liking for sun. So the theme of Kali and Arsenic-due to his liking for hot water and liking to sit in sun.


11.2.07 I gave him a single does of Kali Ars. 30.
11.3.07 Kali Ars. 200×1 and he felt better.
In summer he remained almost fine for 4-5 months.

Then he came on 31.8.07 with psoriasis. He used to apply Betnovate N ointment. It gives him temporary relief, but I gave him Kali Ars. 30 x 1 dose. He had asthma attach also with chest congestion. As it was only in winter and cold, I searched in various repertories where psoriasis was almost in every book with ‘winter itch’ and gave him a dose of Psor 1m also. It was almost alright till Jan.

14.1.08 One dose of Kali Ars. 30×1. Better for 3-4 months.
No medicine for 5-6months.
19.10.08 Once again skin problem with asthma. Psor. 1Mx1 was given.
In 2009 He had very less skin eruptions, he was gives Kali Ars. 30, one dose, better for months together.
In 2010 Again better.
Every year it got worst in winter but it was in less intensity. No asthma or chest congestion.
In 2011 Very little skin eruption on face appeared, was gives Kali Ars. 30. He had no asthma.
Jan. 2012 : Alright.

After 4-5 years, his skin problem and asthma were OK. This time there was no eruptions or asthma.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.