Age 17, came on 11.10.12

Symptoms: Growth retarded, stool undigested, fever every few days, eats good diet but still very thin. His health does not improve with whatsoever he eats. His weight was only 41.4 kg and height 5’4”. He suffers from aphthae in mouth frequently.

Nature: He does not obey his parents but is not obstinate. He has no interest in studies; his parents have to repeatedly ask him to study. He watches less television, but likes to watch sports. He has no fear of dark or injection. He likes to remain in his house and does not play with other children and doesn’t go outside. He is intelligent and talkative. He doesn’t like fruits. He loves to drive cars.

His father said that though he doesn’t obey, because I am very strict, so he obeys me. He is very careless. The child remained quiet throughout the case taking, so I thought he is mild and is under strict control of his father.

I gave him Carc 30 one dose, on the basis of strict father and mildness and continued domination.
No relief in stool and mouth aphthae. Carc 200 one dose was given.

During third visit, his Ttg was 180 and all the symptoms were same. I thought to change the medicine. I repertorised the case once again and took following rubrics:

Rubrics :

  • Wheat agg
  • Frivolous
  • Disobedience
  • Slowness
  • Mildness

Prescription :
There was only one medicine: Sulphur,
I started my case with Sulph 30 one dose.
After one month Sulph 200 and after another month Sulph 1M were given. After 4 months his Ttg was 92.9 But all his symptoms were better. His stool was normal.

(One thing which Dr M L Sehgal taught us was that during recovery if the patient becomes active with well being feeling, it means the case is going in right direction.)

Growth started. Weight increased to 46.9 and height 5’6”. Sulph 1M one dose.
He was advised to start taking wheat once in a week.

After 3 months Ttg was 10.71, his weight 50 kg and height 5’6”. Sulph 1M.

After another 3 months, Ttg 3.2, weight 54.7 and height 5’7”.
He was advised to continue taking wheat
He is regularly taking wheat with no symptoms, growth is normal, height and weight also improved.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.