A female child age 8 years, suffering from gluten allergy came to me. The patient was accompanied by her parents.

Case history :

As she was quite young, her case history was given by her parents.

     They said that she has this problem from 4-5 years. When she was 3-4 years of age, she had her distended abdomen and her growth was very less. She used to suffer from loose motion and remain sick. We took medicines from a lot of places but the relief was only for a very short time and there was recurrence again. Then we visited a renowned gastroenterologist doctor in Patiala. He declared her to be suffering from coeliac disease. He advised her not to have wheat and wheat products forever. So we stopped her wheat and wheat products. Now she has no problem since 3 months. She is taking gluten free diet.
     On asking about her nature they told that she is a very obedient child, though she gets angry at times. She is not obstinate. She stands 1st/2nd in class. She has interest in studies. She is in 3rd class and studies in English medium school. She never takes leave from school. She has fear of dark and is afraid of injection. Regarding her care of books and copies, she doesn’t care much. With new people and guests at home she feels shy and doesn’t go to that room. In school, she rarely participates in function. She is chilly and her thirst is normal.

Rubrics :

  • Intelligent
  • Fear dark
  • Fear injection
  • Timidity appearing in public
  • Mildness
  • Yielding
  • Fear in (sharp) pins

Common medicine:
The medicine came out was Silicea but it was not in fear of being injured. When it was studied further though there was no fear of being injured but had fear of (sharp) pins which can specify her fear of injections.

Prescription :

09.11.09 Silicea 30.
28.12.09 Cough and fever. Sil 200.
13.01.10 Repeat.
13.01.10 As there was no problem, she was advised to take wheat once in a
week and to inform if there is any problem.
02.04.10 Sil 1M dose.
26.04.10 No problem,
Test IgA – 13.3., Hb – 10.0 (even after having wheat).


Medicine advised for 3-4 months

Nov. 10 : She was advised to stop medicine. She is taking wheat & wheat products regularly in her daily routine but has no problem at all.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.