The child was suffering from coeliac disease. His parents narrated the case history like this:

“He is suffering from this problem since birth. He did not face this problem till the age of 8-9 months. He suffered from pain in abdomen and loose motions once we stopped breast feeding. We used to go to doctor for medicine. He would recover but after few days he would again suffer from loose motions. His blood (Hb) went down to 3.00gm and doctor advised for blood transfusion to save the child. Even after one bottle his Hb was less, so another bottle of blood was administered.
Then in 2002 we went to a renowned nursing home in Ludhiana. After 2-3 years of treatment in 2005, he was declared as a case of coeliac disease. He was advised to stop eating wheat and wheat products. He was given folvite and livogen so that his blood Hb remains normal.
On 12.5.2008 His IgA (wheat allergy) immunity level was at 198 whereas its normal limit is (0-20) and at that time his Hb was 12.7 with folic acid and folvite. No medicine for wheat allergy was given as there is no such medicine in allopathy.
He used to suffer from pain in abdomen with indigested stool, though his appetite was normal. He suffered from pain in legs also. He stopped taking wheat products altogether.”

Present Complaints:
Pain abdomen with indigested stool many times in a day.
Growth retarded
Height : 4’10″

Nature :
His parents told that he is a very obedient and yielding child. He never gets angry. He is neither obstinate nor has too many demands. Whatever is given to him, he takes that and is satisfied with it. He is in 7th class and gets 85% marks. He is very responsible. He does not take leave from school. He does not go for tuitions and studies on his own.

On asking about fears, his parents told that he has no fear of dark or injections. He is not afraid of anything. He does not annoy us. He loves to serve others. He keeps his books and copies neat and clean. He cries easily but is independent.

Here I had 3-4 medicines in my mind Aurum Met, Carc., Puls and Cocc. but 3-4 points were very important.

  • He is mild, yielding and content
  • He is obedient and has no desires
  • He loves to serve others When I put these rubrics in computer, there was only one medicine i.e. Cocculus
  • Aurum Met was nowhere in yielding and desires nothing but is mild and content.
  • Carc. is mild, yielding but is neither in desires nothing nor in content.
  • Moreover he himself was responsible and Cocc. is not dominant.
  • Puls is mild, yielding but not content, rather greedy.

So the last choice was Cocc Ind. and I confirmed it with our general confirmatory question. If he has problem at night, does he awake someone or manages himself without disturbing others, his parents told me that he never disturbs at night.

Now everything was clear.

  • Recognises and accepts
  • Mildness, Yielding, content

Prescription :

27.9.09 Cocc. 30

Before starting treatment, present IgA : 180 (<20), Hb : 12.6

21.10.09 No problem, no symptoms Cocc. 30
23.11.09 No problem. Cocc. 200.
24.12.09 Cocc. 1M.
18.02.10 Patient was advised IgA test and Hb
04.04.10 IgA : 19 (<20), Hb : 12.1. Advised to give wheat once in a week.
10.05.10 No pain in abdomen, no loose motion.
17.06.10 Advised to 2 times wheat in a week.
22.07.10 No problem.
30.08.10 He started eating wheat almost daily. No problem.
01.10.10 No problem.
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.