Wheat allergy case
TS, age 22, male

He was suffering from wheat allergy since 2009. He was very thin and had poor growth. His tTg was 282.69 in Feb 2010. He got allopathic and homoeopathic medicines also but of no avail. He took homeopathy for two years from a renowned homeopath. He used to have loose motions and vomiting very frequently during his childhood.

When asked about his nature and behavior, his mother told that he is very obedient, most of the time remains quiet, speaks less. He is very gentle and mild. He never shows any obstinacy, very careful in taking wheat. He is neither aggressive nor breaks any things. Earlier he used to do a lot of religious prayers and path. He gets angry at his mother only because she is very strict and doesn’t allow him to go outside freely. He doesn’t like his mother because of her arrogant and dictatorial behavior. She used to beat him a lot for little mistake. He loves watching television, music, songs, net etc. He loves wandering and working in fields with his father. He has no interest in studies though he did diploma in engineering. He doesn’t take care for his studies.

His mother told that he had a love affair but due to family status difference, But his parents didn’t allow him to continue. He asked girl to discontinue but still he loves her and is much disappointed by this broken relation. He had a fight in college and shows anger on his friends with lot of repentance.

He is very chilly and feels cold much.

tTg reports
9.2.10 282.69 (<20)
2.2.13 133 (<20)
22.8.18 114.75 (<7)
Rubrics selected
Wheat agg
Concentration difficult in studies
Ailments from love disappointment
Medicine came out is Sulphur
1.9.18 Sulph 30. Advised to stop wheat and wheat products.
30.9.18 Sulph 200/1.
4.11.18 Sulph 1M/1.
Report after 3 months
tTg 12.12.18 5.02 (<7)
16.12.18 Sulph 1M.
17.2.19 Repeat
31.3.19 Repeat
Report after another three months
tTg 4.36 (<7)
He was taking wheat one time from three months.
Now advised to take two times in a week.
Medicine continued.

8.8.19 He came to me alone and described him as follow:

He gets angry much these days. When I asked why, he said my mother is very dominating. She doesn’t allow me to do anything. I remain quiet at home just because of her. I don’t like her. She compels me to do this or that. I’m like a puppet in her hands, a servant. All the time she is commanding.

Though case was going well but his mother’s domination and his mild and obedient attitude forced me to change the medicine. If Sulph would be his similimum, his hatred towards his mother would have reduced but it increased more than before. It cleared many symptoms but only one condition was left to be cured.

It was a prolonged history of domination by mother, who still dominates at this age of 23 years old son. I gave second medicine to clear the case.

8.8.19 Carc 1M.
Report on 13.11.19 4.14 (<7)
Taking wheat regularly daily.
13.10.19 Carc 1M.
13.2.20 No problem, medicine continued.
Took no medicine in lock down for two months but continued wheat regularly.
Recent report 17.5.20
tTg 17.01 (<20)
Hb 14.4

He remained on medicine for further follow up for 3-4 months. Even after eating wheat his three reports are normal and Hb 14.4

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.