Age 23, M
He came to me on 19.7.2012 after browsing through my website.
He told that he was diagnosed with wheat allergy about 2 years back when his Hb used to get very low. He consulted a doctor and was advised to go for tTg which was 50 at that time. Doctor advised him to abstain from wheat for whole of his life. When he browsed through my website, he saw similar cases cured and decided to consult me.

Case Taking :
Anger? He told that he is not short tempered and remains cheerful most of the time. Sometimes if he gets angry with someone, he regrets and apologizes.
Music? He loves music, remembers their lyrics easily and loves singing.
Anxiety? No tension or anxiety.
He said he is happily married and works as an agriculturist.
Thermals Chilly.


  • Anger alternating with quick repentance
  • Music desires.
  • Cheerful music from
  • Memory active for music.
  • Singing involuntarily

Medicine :
Crocus Sativa
19.7.12 Croc sat 30/
20.8.12 Croc sat 200/1
25.9.12 Croc sat 1M/1
29.10.12 Croc sat 1M/1
Ttg 5.5.
24.12.12 Repeat, Patient started taking wheat.
21.1.2013 No problem at all. Repeat
Pt is 100% alright.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.