Age 7 years
Ttg 50.0
She had the problem of pain in abdomen and continuous diarrhoea. Her physical growth was very less. Her weight was 20.6 kg and height was 3’1”. She had the problem of enuresis and pain in right knee also.

Nature :

  • She is disobedient, doesn’t obey anyone.
  • Earlier she used to be very intelligent but now lacks interest in her studies.
  • She is very careless. She likes to wear new and colorful clothes.
  • She watches a lot of television.
  • She loves music and dancing.
  • She has no fear of dark or injection.
  • She is very careless about her books.
  • Whenever her parents refuse to give her anything, she says them that they don’t love her.
  • She feels neglected.
  • She cries at every little thing but gets quiet when loved.
  • Her thirst is less.

Rubrics :

  • Wheat agg
  • Frivolous
  • Weeping easily
  • Consolation amel
  • Blackmail emotional says “you don’t love me” when refused
  • The common medicine is Pulsatilla

Prescriptions :

2.7.12 Puls 30 one dose.

Second month Puls 200 and Puls 1m in third month.

On 22.9.12 IgA 15.7

Medicine continued

On 31.1.13 IgA 3.8

Her father said that the child is very weak but otherwise she is very active. Her wheat was started. Puls 1M was given every 3 months.

28.11.13 Ttg 12.20, wt 24kgs.

Medicine continued.

15.7.14 Puls 10M was given.
18.9.14 Ttg 2.8 wt 25.4, Ht 4’3”.

The patient is taking wheat continuously and is perfectly alright,

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.