This is the case of a girl of 8 years, suffering from gluten allergy (coeliac disease of gluten). Her father is a chemist.

Her parents told me that she has been suffering from this problem since her childhood. When she was 1½ years old, she had severe loose motions. They consulted many doctors but there has no relief. Then doctors advised them to stop giving milk to her. But her problem of loose motions continued.

At the age of 5years, they took her to PGI (Post Graduate Institute), Chandigarh. There, the doctors declared it to be a case of wheat allergy. They stopped her wheat intake and she became fine. Loose motions also stopped.

Now, whenever she takes wheat or wheat products, she has severe pain in her abdomen with loss of appetite and loose motions. Her face becomes pale and her eyes sink. Her complexion darkens and her haemoglobin goes down to 6-7 gm%. Sometimes she experiences itching all over her body.
(Her haemoglobin was 8gms% when she came to me.)

Her wheat intake had been stopped. She took maize or rice only. Even if she took minuscule amount of wheat, it would cause pain in abdomen with loose stools.

Regarding her nature: They told me that she is a student of 3rd class and is very good in studies. She is intelligent and can understand things in a very short period of time. But, she is careless and very mischievous. She is afraid of darkness and being alone. She can not sleep alone but has no fear of injection.

Her mother told me that when she was four years old, she was afraid of loud noises. Even the musical instruments of the band accompanying the marriage procession scared her to her wits end.

She has fear of quarrelling. She starts crying if someone quarrels. She can’t see wound, blood, misery etc. She is very sensitive to all these things. She has a lot of sympathy for poor and suffering people.

She loves cold drinks, cold water, fruits, ice cream etc. She is content with everything and she shares her things with everyone.

29.4.06  Phosphorus 30

After one month, I started her wheat intake and asked her to take only one meal of wheat per week. There was no pain in abdomen and no loose motions etc. after the intake of wheat.

After 2 months, I asked them to give two meals of wheat per week. Still, there was no pain or other symptoms. Her haemoglobin rose to 10.8 gm% after 3 months.

After 4 months, her haemoglobin rose to 11.0 gm% and she had no problem at all.

After 5 months on 9.9.06 she started eating wheat daily and since then she has experienced no problem at all. Her haemoglobin rose to 12.8 gm%.

It’s been many years since she has been taking normal diet and is perfectly all right

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.