We see patients in many ways. Sometimes long case histories give excellent results but sometimes only few words of the patient presents the core and single dose cures them fully. In this article I am writing some cases which were cured by a single dose just on simple version of the patient. No long case histories were taken because either there was emergency and there was no time to ask many questions or the patient presented his core in a simple version.

Case 1
RS age 50 suffering from ghabrahat, palpitation, body ache and perspiration. He said, “I have these problems since I had typhoid fever last year. I’m not well since that fever. I have taken allopathy but did not feel better. Since I had typhoid fever, I dnt like to talk to anyone, feel much anxiety and tension in chest.” As he stressed only on his ‘typhoid fever’, I gave him a dose of Carbo veg 30 on the basis of ‘Persons who have never fully recovered from the exhausting effects of previous illness; has not recovered from the effects of typhoid’. One dose of Carbo veg 30 cured him fully within a week. No relapse. He took pl for 2-3 months, never complained of any ghabrahat or palpitation. I have used this medicine in many patients where they did not recover fully from any fever. In one more similar case, the lady became very weak after typhoid and her Hb came down to 5 only. On the same version that she is not feeling well since fever last year. Her Hb rose to 12 within 2 months with carbo veg 30 only. (Allen Key Notes)

Case 2
A patient suffered from severe chest pain, was bending and pressing his chest as if has distress in chest. There was lot of accumulation of gas in his abdomen. He was in great pain and was pressing his chest continuosly. One dose of Carbo veg 30 relieved him fully within 1-2 minutes. He passed lot of flatus and was perfectly fine in 5 minutes. Rubric: Pain chest, from flatulence obstructed

Case 3
A patient having acute pain in abdomen, very severe pain, took voveran injection but of no avail, was about to take out her car to go to emergency, rang me 3-4 times in few minutes. I picked up the call and she said that she has severe pain in her abdomen, give me medicine quickly. I gave her a single dose of Chamomilla 30 and within seconds got relieved, did not go to hospital. Cham was given on the basis of only one rubric: Impatience, cures him at once, patient insists the doctor.

Case 4
A child kept on crying outside in the waiting area of my clinic. At his turn, he did not allow his father to go inside, was trying to run outside. When asked why he is crying, his father said that he is crying due to the fear of injection, he is not allowing him to enter the clinic. He was given a dose of Hyos 30, got cured fully from cough for which he came actually and next time he brought an injection in his hand and said, Now I am not afraid of the injections. DD Stramonium In stram, I have seen similar fear but the difference is, stram patient clings to his parents or the person carrying him whereas Hyos doesnot allow his parents to enter the clinic and runs away.

Fear injured of being Escape attempts to, run away to In one more similar case of a child about 7 years, when I asked about the fear of injections, the child immediately got up from the seat, started abusing his father and ran away. A single dose of Hyos 30 cured him fully.

Case 5
An 80 years old patient suffering from severe urine infection with intense burning due to enlarged prostate, wept a lot and touched my feet with folding hands that he is alone, please help him. He has no relative, stays with someone’s house, cure him please. Given one dose of Pulsatilla 30, was alright by first dose only. Ultra sound showed normal prostate in one month. Every time he came he tried to touch my feet and folding hands with weeping is peculiar of Puls. Another symptom was that he is alone in the world. Pulsatilla has following rubrics Delusions alone in the world he is Weeping telling sickness about Begging Praying

Case 6
A patient suffering from severe throat infection, showed his throat to 3-4 doctors in 4 days. When asked why he has shown to so many doctors for a little problem like throat infection, he said, I am afraid of cancer. I took two rubrics Delusions a small hole appears to be a frightful chasm Fear Cancer of One dose of Agaricus 30 cured him within a day. The fear also went off.

Case 7
This is the case of my relative. He had the ‘sensation of water drop in his ear’. Drs in UK gave many medicines but when medicines gave no relief, they advised surgery of ear for this. But he came to me and asked me if there is any medicine for this. I searched in repertory and found this rubric. Drop of water, in ear, sensation of Acon Just one dose of Acon 30 cured him completely. No pl no repetition. My homoeopathy saved him from operation. Recently he sent me a message that with your one dose only, I am totally fine and there is no sensation of any water drop now.

Case 8
One patient was suffering from many problems like fibroid uterus, hypothyroid, arthritis and depression. She came to me, kept on weeping that she already has so many problems now her fingers are so painful that she cannot sleep. She has severe pain. She thought that now she will not be survived, she will die soon. Even she has told all about her finances and bank details to her son that now she will die. She was given one dose of Petroleum 30 and next morning she was much relived. Rubric Death presentiment of, must hurry up to settle family affairs,

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.