A female patient of 23 years old had face allergy with itching and swelling and redness on the cheeks and around her eyes. She suffered the problem first time in 2005 and took medicine from many places but without any relief. She had aggravation in sun and heat and it used to be aggravated in summer. Only applying steroid ointment gave temporary relief.

On asking about her mental state, she replied that whenever she gets angry, she remains quiet and doesn’t say anything to anyone. She doesn’t want to talk to that person. She likes music and watches television occasionally. She likes to remain alone and doesn’t like company.

When I asked for anything else, she replied that she wants to discuss one thing with me. She said that she has an affair with a boy of different caste. She wants to marry the boy but her parents have put restriction over them as he is from a different caste. (We consider this symptom as if the patient has fallen in love with wrong person which is considered wrong by others in the family.)

Rubrics :

  • Anger talk indisposed to
  • Company averse to alone when amel.
  • Love with wrong person or coachman

Prescriptions :

02.10.09 She was given Nat. Mur 30.
09.10.09 Better.
16.10.09 Better.
23.10.09 Better.
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.