Patient 37/F
She suffered from severe sinusitis from the very beginning i.e. from her childhood days. She used to feel swelling on her cheeks (near nose) and at the frontal part of her forehead.

She tried all kinds of medicines including homoeopathy. She took homoeopathy several times but every time the problem aggravated. She told me that homoeopathy doesn’t suit her and it was on someone’s insistence that she had come to me.

Basically she suffered from depression and insomnia for which she was taking sleeping pills regularly from many years. During severe attacks of sinusitis, she takes Avil, which gives her instant relief.

Regarding her nature she told me that she is quite aggressive but keeps everything inside her. If she shouts at someone the feeling of guilt engulfs her. She told me that she tolerates everything and there is marked suppression of anger. She likes music but doesn’t watch television. She doesn’t like to wander around or travel.

She also told me that she is going through a very bad phase in life and there are chances that she may get divorced. I asked her to explain in detail. Though she was reluctant to talk on this issue but after assuring her of all assistance and secrecy, she told me her grief stricken story which has been described below.

She told me that she got married four years ago with an NRI. He remained with her for about 2 months. Before going back to America he told her that their relation cannot work. He told her that he gave his married life a period of two months and he felt that they cannot live together for the whole life. We fight at trifles so let us end it here only. He asked her not to wait for him as he would not come back for her. Since that day she is under depression. She is still in a same depressing state even after four years. She feels as if she has been deceived. But the most important factor is that she still loves that person and has never thought of marrying again. She said that she is ruined and everything is over for her. She has lost everything and there is no charm in her life because of which she doesn’t want to enter into another relation. She has not able to forget him. She is helpless and has lost interest in her life. She doesn’t want to do anything new.

Theme :
In the whole case, the girl though had problem of sinusitis but her mental state was very strong. A feeling of ‘deception’ is found throughout the cause. She feels that her life has been ruined and she has lost everything. She has stopped taking interest in new things. Though he deceived her, she still loves that person and doesn’t have any hatred/revengeful feeling for him. The most important rubric ‘A/F disappointment and deception’ and ‘grief from deception’ gave about 10-12 medicines in common but with different mental states. Out of these, some medicines had hatred feeling, so they were ruled out because she still loves that person. Now I was left with Ign., Nux vomica, Verat, Lyco, Puls, Sepia, Merc sol, only. Next important factor was that she had lost interest in everything, I took the rubric ‘Initiative lack of’ and now I was left with ignatia and Lyco. The medicine was clear as the factor of being ‘ruined’ and ‘lost everything’ is in Ignatia.

“Dr. Rajan Shankaran has rightly said that the nature of Ignatia is like that of a woman who has invested her entire emotional bank balance into an individual. She is very sensitive to the behaviour of that individual; any misbehaviour or rudeness on his parts affects her profoundly and causes grief or sorrow. The only way this mild woman feels she can bring him back to good behaviour (and restore her equipoise) is hysterical manifestation on her part. When she is disturbed, any consolation only aggravates her condition. She is like a young woman in love and her future depends upon her marriage to this man. She has put into this man so much of herself, it is as if she is already married to him.”

What I observed in this girl: She is a well mannered, soft spoken, mild looking, affectionate kind of girl. She seemed to be cheerful with undemonstrative grief.

Prescription :

19.4.08 Ignatia 1M/1.
3.5.08 She said, “I’m 100% OK, perfectly alright with just first dose, I feel its a miracle for me and I have taken no ‘Avil’ since 15 days. I always had some aggravation with homoeopathy previously.”
12.5.08 No sleeping pills were taken for insomnia.


She remained on medicine for 2 months and advised to stop the treatment if she felt fine. She is perfectly alright even after many years.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.