This is the case of a child of 4½ years old, kidney stone, an MBBS doctor’s daughter. She suffered from renal stones.

On 15th June, 09 – 3mm in Rt. kidney

On 19th Oct., 09 – 3.2mm Rt. kidney

On 8.12.09 they came to me because of severe pain in abdomen and lower back that occurred two times. She had severe urine infection and there was blood in urine 2-3 times.

On asking after her nature her mother told that she is a hyperactive child, very obstinate and very irritable. She is very intelligent but does not obey her parents. She has fear of dark and fear of injection. She is not mischievous. She is egoistic. Her nature changed when their second daughter was born. She feels jealous of her younger sister and doesn’t allow her mother to carry her sister many times.

Rubrics :

  • Fear dark
  • Fear injured of being
  • Jealousy in children, when a new baby takes the attention of the family away
  • Intelligent
  • Disobedient
  • Obstinate

Common medicine was : Hyoscymaus

08.12.09 Hyos 6
15.12.09 Hyos 30
25.12.09 Hyos 200.

Neither there was any pain, nor any other symptoms.

Neither there was any pain, nor any other symptoms.

She was advised for another USG which was done and there was no stone.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.