Rk, age 18/F

She suffered from headache, almost daily, for the last 4-5 years. The pain was accompanied with nausea. The pain started from occiput and migrated to temporal and frontal region.

She told me that she was a student of eleventh class and was studying in Non medical stream. She was striving hard to get admission in a good engineering college. She went for an eye check up which was normal. Her mother told that she is a very intelligent child and works very hard to get good marks in her examinations. She is highly responsible and is a topper. She works hard and studies till late at night. She never misses her school even during headache.

When asked about her condition during headache: she replied that she does not want to talk to anyone during headache. She switches off the light and goes inside and sleeps.

She further told that she has whitish patches on her face (fungal patches). Sometimes she feels as if her hands are trembling. She also had palpitations from the last one month.

In this case, the child is a student of eleventh class. It is a very important phase as her career depends upon these two years. She has a huge responsibility on her shoulders. The theme of the case is that the child is very responsible and is the topper of the class. She has an ambition to get admission in a good reputed college. During an attack of migraine she wants to lie in the dark and does not want to talk to anyone.

Why is Aurum so responsible and dutiful? Because of the rubric: Delusion duty neglected his. He feels that he is not fulfilling his duty, leading to more hard work and more perfection in the work. The second factor of being ‘topper’ also shows the characteristics of Aurum, the gold.

Medicine: Aurum Met

Prescription :

5.5.06 Aurum Met 30
20.5.06 No headache after first dose.
10.6.06 Felt headache once but with less intensity.
1.7.06 Headache once but less intensity and after long duration.
15.7.06 Headache again, Aurum Met200

No headache afterwards. The follow up was continued for three months.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.