Age 72yrs
Cyst in Right kidney 1.7×1.9mm
Prostate enlargement Grade 1
Urine Pus cells 30-40%
Serum Creatinin 6.2
Blood Urea 115
Hb 10.0
ESR 32

Case history:
The patient was suffering from constipation and problem of slow passage of urine while urinating. He had to wait for urine. Then he suffered from vomiting after eating food followed by pain in chest. There was constant pain in the right kidney region of the back. He became very weak also.

At present he had no constipation or vomiting but he had swelling on the feet and whole body. He was under allopathic treatment from one year. Doctors advised for antibiotics injection. He had taken five injections but the reports were same with high blood urea and high creatinine and they had advised for 21 more such injections. The patient was fed up of such painful treatment. On one side they were very costly, secondly he was reluctant to go in for injections and thirdly there was no relief. So he came to me for a painless treatment.

His present condition was that he wanted to remain in bed all the time. He did not want to talk to anyone and did not complain about his problem to anybody. He did not ask for anything and used to lie in bed for hours together.

Bed desire to remain in
Spoken averse to being
Indifference complain does not

Medicine: Hyoscyamus was common in all the three rubrics.

Prescription :

18.04.08 Hyos 30/1
05.05.08 The patient felt better but pus cells increased in urine (full field). Hyos 6/1.
31.05.08 The patient felt better and pus cells reduced to 35-40%.
14.06.08 Blood urea 75.2, S creatinine 2.3, pus cells 30-35%. Now I gave Hyos 200/1, as pus cells continued for more than one month.
28.06.08 Appetite decreased, with vertigo. The swelling of feet and whole body reduced. Urine normal, pus cells 4-6% only. His Hb 10.3, S creatinine 1.8, urea 68.6.
12.07.08 There was improvement in all aspects but the pus in urine was again full field. Hyos 1M/1 was given. The patient was advised to go in for ultra sound of abdomen and other tests.
09.08.08 Fever for few days with desire to remain in bed. USG report: The cyst in the right kidney disappeared. Blood urea 68, S creatinine 1.8, pus cells in urine reduced to 2-5%.
23.08.08 Better in all aspects.

The patient felt much better since he started the medicine. There was no swelling over the body or feet. He is going for regular check up of creatinine and urea which is almost normal. He is still under my observation and regular follow up.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.