A lady KM, age 33,
hypothyroidism Allopathic medicine thyronorm 50mg was prescribed by allopathic doctor. She was taking it for the last 5-6 years. She is working as an officer in Govt office. She has the problem of excessive bleeding during menses which continues for four days.

On asking about her nature she told that she can’t sit idle. She always keeps herself busy. She feels better by working. She doesn’t get angry often. If it comes, it is for short duration and she doesn’t say anything to anyone.

She said that her son is sick and suffering from Asthma so she remains worried for him. She has no time for television or music or movies. She can’t stay alone. She has full responsibility of children and family.

She said that she gets worried very quickly. Every little thing affects a lot.

Rubrics :

  • Responsibility
  • Occupation diversion amel.
  • Horrible things affect her profoundly
  • Anxiety trifles

Light desire for (She goes for her thyroid test and asked me 2-3 times if any test is required she can go for it.)

19.3.12 Calc Carb 1M. She was advised to reduce to thyronorm 25mg.
12.4.12 Better.
30.4.12 Thyronorm further reduced to 25mg on alternate days.
10.6.12 Better.
25.5.12 Thyronorm stopped fully. CC1M.

Thyroid Reports

T3 1.16 (.60-1.01)
T4 7.60 (5.01-12.45)
TSH 4.47 (.35-5.50)

Thyroid Report 2.1.13

T3 0.81 (.60-1.01)
T4 8.51 (5.01-12.45)
TSH 3.62 (.35-5.50)

Thyroid Report on 5.7.13

T3 0.81 (.60-1.01)
T4 8.40 (5.01-12.45)
TSH 4.21 (.35-5.50).

She is perfectly alright.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.