• Pruritis Case

(Pruritis is itching caused by local irritation of the skin or sometimes nervous disorders)

PD, 38/F
She had itching all over her body from a very long time. It increased in winter and was under control during the summers.

Tell me about your nature?
She said, “I am a very cool person who doesn’t get angry quickly. Even if I get angry I don’t say anything to anyone. I keep everything in my mind.”

“It doesn’t look nice. By speaking out what’s in your mind, you only increase the dispute, so there is no need to say anything.”

Any anxiety or worry?
“Yes, I worry a lot about my family. If anyone in the family gets sick, I get worried. I care a lot for my family.”

Regarding contentment?
“I am fully contented with my life. God has given me everything.”

Prescription: Report:

29.3.03 Cocculus Ind 30
5.4.03 Better
19.4.03 Itching very less, only scars left.
26.4.03 Blackish discoloration of the affected area, Cocculus Ind 30
3.5.03 More than 50% better.
10.5.03 Much much better.
17.5.03 Totally ok.
Thereafter patient took medicine for two months more and she did not suffer from itching after which she stopped taking medicine.
  • Allergic Rhinitis

GK, 34/F
Allergy from 3-4 years. Excessive sneezing, around 20-30 at a time with pain all over the body. She suffered from slip disc and had a severe backache. She took allopathic as well as homoeopathic treatment but there was no relief.

Nature: Regarding anger she said, “I get angry quite frequently but I keep it in my heart. I don’t want to disturb others. I don’t want to spoil other’s mood.”

I asked, “If you have problem at night do you wake someone up?”

She replied that she doesn’t disturb others at night as they all are tired from the day’s work. So they should take rest.

Regarding contentment: she said that she is fully contented and has no problem of anything.

Prescription: Report:

13.10.04 Cocculus Indicus 30
20.10.04 Difficulty in breathing, took allopathic medicine. Cocc 6 and advised not to take any other medicine until and unless advised by me.
27.10.04 Better.
3.11.04 Backache as it is, Acne on forehead. Cocc 200
10.11.04 Sneezing controlled, but backache as it is. Cocc 1M.
1.12.04 Improved
8.12.04 All other symptoms improved, backache again. Cocc 1M
22.12.04 Improved a lot.
5.1.05 Improved
5.3.05 100% improvement
She has no sneezing, no body aches and no backache.
  • Acne Face

RK, 15/C, had acne on her face for the past one year. Acne was more on the forehead and there was a lot of pain. She applied an ointment but she could not get any relief.

On asking about her nature, she told me that she is very responsible. She is very intelligent and secures first position in her class. She is highly obedient and yielding. She is an all rounder. She is at the top in games, debates or other functions in the school.


6.10.04 Aurum Met 30

After one week: A lot of relief.

20.10.04 This week the problem increased. Aurum Met 6 given.
27.10.04 Relief.
5.1.05 Remained OK for 2 months – now from 15 days it started again, Aurum Met 200.
16.2.05 Acne stopped.
16.3.05 No acne. Advised to stop taking the medicine.
  • Gingivitis and aphthae case

KK, 24/F, pain in teeth, with aphthae in mouth, gums swollen and inflamed. She had itching on the scalp. She visited a dentist also but there was no relief. On advice of one of her relatives she came to me.

Regarding her nature she told that she gets irritated very easily but she doesn’t say anything to anyone because all the other members in the family were elder to her. It was out of respect for them that she didn’t say anything. Moreover her nature was mild. She could tolerate everything.

Any worry/anxiety? – No nothing.

Do you like watching TV and listening music? Not much.

I asked her if during the night she needs some medicine or if she has some problem, does she wake up her husband or any member of the family? She said, “Yes, I ask my husband to take care of me.”

When I asked do you weep easily or not, she immediately replied, “Yes, I cry very quickly.”

On asking about consolation, she said that she wants consolation and feels better if someone shows sympathy to her. Prescription:
21.1.04 Pulsatilla 30


28.1.04 As it is, no relief.
Puls 200
4.2.04 Improved a lot. Itching on scalp only.
11.2.04 Improved, sleep also improved.
18.2.04 Improvement in all aspects
11.3.04 Menses normal, which was earlier delayed. She didn’t tell this symptom earlier. She has never experienced the problem again.
  • Chronic Coryza and tonsillitis

HPS, age 18 years, came for the treatment of throat infection (tonsillitis) and coryza. There was blood in his discharge and pain in the throat. He had been suffering from this problem from the last two years. Since then, he has been frequently taking strong antibiotics.

When he came to me, he had severe infection and from last two weeks he had been taking antibiotics. There was relief after taking antibiotics but it was temporary.

When asked why he had come here when the antibiotics were able to give him relief, he said that he wanted a permanent cure, which was possible only through homoeopathy. He came there on the advice of his uncle.

On asking about the probable cause for his problem, he said that he had a skin problem 3-4 years ago. The reason for the problem may be due to the suppression of the skin problem.

On asking about his nature and behaviour, he told me that he is the head boy of the school. He is an all-rounder and always stands first or second in the class. His father has a shop and he helps him run it whenever he gets time. His father even lets him run the shop on his own. He told me that all his friends were also very studious.


4.4.04 Aurum Met 30


17.4.04 Cough is less, only discharge. He has eruption on back with itching.
1.5.04 Throat and coryza perfectly all right but eruption on back less relieved. Aurum Met 6,
22.5.04 Throat infection perfectly alright. Eruption quite ok.
5.6.04 All problems are alright.
  • Dyspepsia and flatulence

RR, age 36/F, came to me for indigestion, flatulence, bearing down sensation, freckles on face and mental tension. A year ago, she had displaced her shoulder joint. When she came to me, she had fully recovered from it. She has taken several medicines but there was no relief.

On asking about her nature – she told me that sometimes she gets very angry while at other times, she has control over it. Whenever she gets angry she speaks whatever that comes to her mind. But she cools down in a minute or two. (Her tone was very much marked, it was totally frivolous).
When asked from how long had she been suffering from these problems, she told me that she doesn’t exactly know; may be one or two years. She said that her family is an agriculture based family and there is a lot of work at home. So, all the time she is busy doing her work. But while doing her work, she becomes tense. When asked to give a probable reason for her tension, she replied, “I don’t know, may be it’s due to the heavy workload”.

Her answer to almost all of my questions was, “I don’t know”. I work the whole day and don’t bother for my problem.”

She was not clear about anything. For example when asked from how long had she been suffering from these problems, she replied, may be one or two years, when asked about the cause of tension, she said it may be due to work. When asked about the duration of her anger, she said it may be for a minute or two. During the whole process of case taking she could not tell about her condition in a proper way.


30.7.04 Belladonna 30.


20.8.04 She didn’t come for 3 weeks. This is again her frivolous attitude.
27.8.04 Improved.
3.9.04 Tensions also reduced.
8.10.04 Improved a lot.
5.11.04 Sometimes feels flatulence after eating. Bell 200
19.11.04 Improved a lot.
  • Idiopathic Pain In Leg

PS age 62/M, came to me for the treatment of pain in his right leg. He had this problem from the last 4 years. It was not at a fixed point. The duration of pain was limited to a second or two and was accompanied with jerking in the leg. The pain was like an electric current. The problem became more severe during the winters. He also had severe chronic constipation.

On asking whether he has taken any medicine, he told me that he takes medicine occasionally. He also told me that he gets angry very easily. During anger he speaks without thinking about the harm that might be caused by the intensity of his words. Also he has no remorse or repentance as whatever he says is always right. Whenever someone repeatedly asks him something, he gets angry. His way of talking conveyed his dictatorial and contradictory nature.

On asking about any particular anxiety in life he said that he had no anxiety; rather, he has full control over his family. He has worked very hard in his life and whatever he is today is because of his hard work.


21.7.04 Nux Vomica 30


28.7.04 Very little relief, Nux Vomica 6
4.8.04 Improvement in jerks. But there is stitching in leg.
1.9.04 Jerk and current like pain perfectly OK.
8.9.04 Pain in leg occasionally, Nux Vomica 200.
15.9.04 Improved a lot, no pain, no jerk,
22.9.04 Prior to this problem he had the problem of dry itching on hands. There was a recurrence of the problem.
29.9.04 Itching more. Nux Vomica 1M.
20.10.04 100% OK.
  • Oedema On Whole Body

(Excessive accumulation of fluids in the body tissue, dropsy)

A lady aged 37 years came to me with swelling on her face and pale looks. She had swelling all over her body. She was highly anaemic which could be easily judged by seeing her face. She had low blood pressure and vertigo. Her Haemoglobin was only 4gms%.

She said, “I have bodyache. Each part of my body aches. I also have vertigo. I can’t even stand properly. Darkness surrounds my eyes. I want to do my work but I’m not able to. ”

“I belong to a very poor family. My husband is a vegetable vendor. I am worried about the future all the time. I have severe urine infection. I have a burning sensation while passing urine. The bleeding during menses is very scanty; it is only for a day. I have pain in the upper part of my abdomen (epigastrium pain). Digestion is also very poor. Nothing gets digested properly. I had gone in for tests and X-ray. Only less blood and 2-4% pus cells in urine was revealed. I get anxious most of the times as to what will happen to me.”

During conversation she cried many times.
“Dr. Sahib, this all started when I underwent tubectomy. It was about 5-6 years back.”

Prescription :
Sepia 30

After one week: There was little relief. Sepia 6 was given.

After one month: Again the relief was less so she was given Sepia 200 and after one week Sepia 1M.

After six months: After giving Sepia 1M, her Haemoglobin rose to 10gms% and she became active in work. She was very cheerful and happy. She thanked me a lot for giving her a new life.

  • Hyperacidity

Mr. JS age 47 years, came for the treatment of severe acidity from one year. He had many medicines but there was no relief at all. He had ayurvedic medicine as well. Whenever he had food from outside i.e. some dhaba (a small restaurant) his problem aggravated. He reduced taking tea because it also caused acidity. Sometimes he had sour eructations.

On asking about his nature, He said, “Dr. Sahib I don’t get angry frequently. But if I get irritated on anything, I say them that this is wrong. I don’t quarrel or make fuss. Regarding tensions, there are many worries but what will happen if we get tense for our problems. I know that I have this problem, I think that when there is no solution in my hands, why to get worried. Where ever I find no solution I leave thinking about it, with time it becomes alright. I am an agriculturist, work in my fields. I am satisfied with my work. Even if there is some problem which cannot be sorted out, I don’t bother. I compromise with the condition because there is no solution for that.”

Out of the whole conversation I took out one thing that this patient has recognised the reality and has accepted. Though he explained in a bit different way, but was definitely recognising of the situation. Moreover he was contented. He works in his field but feels satisfied with whatever he has.

Prescription:I gave a single dose of Cocculus ind 30 followed by Pl for a week.

There was not much relief, I gave Cocculus ind 6, one dose followed by Pl for a week. Again there was not much relief, so I gave Cocculus ind 200 one dose with Pl for another week. This time patient said that he is much relieved. There is no burning in the epigastrium and sour eructation were also nil. Pl for a week. Next time again he was much better. After 3 months he was advised to stop the medicine because he was totally relieved with the medicine. After Cocculus 200 there was no further attack.

  • Nasal Polypus

SS age 48 years/M, came to my dispensary for nasal polypus from 20 years. He got it operated once but the condition didn’t improve. With some homoeopathic medicine he remained well for some years.

He told that his main problem is white coloured discharge from nose which disturbs him a lot. There is continuous discharge and he fears it may increase. He always has feared that it may increase.”

He seemed to me to be an opium addict and when I asked about it, he nodded in affirmation that from about 30-40 years he has been consuming opium.

When asked for another operation which doctors advised him to go in for, he told that he has no fear of operation, but now he has the fear it may increase.

Being an opium addict and with rubric ‘fear of extravagance’ I gave him Opium 30.

There was no improvement for a month.

Then his medicine was changed to Thuja for nasal polypus by Dr. Avtar Singh as I was abroad for a month.

No relief after taking one month.

After two months I noticed that there was no relief, still the patient comes at Ist number in the queue in the morning. I asked him one day that you have no relief at all from 3 months then why are you coming to me again.

He replied, “In 1991 he had some homoeopathic medicine and he remained relieved for 5-6 years, so I think this will again make me alright.”

On the basis of rubrics ‘Hopeful’ and ‘Objective reasonable’, I gave him Natrum Mur 30 but again there was no relief. He was given Natrum Mur in different potencies but all in vain.

One day he told me another story that he has no fear of operation but has fear of his nose getting turned to either side. I took it as rubric ‘Fear of being disfigured’ and gave Hepar sulph in different potencies with no results.

But every time he constantly yelled for one thing, “Doctor I fear it may increase. I don’t fear from anything. More over he was content.”

It was again ‘Fear extravagance of’. I thought to give him Opium once again after about 6 months failed treatment.

This time it acted miraculously. With just first dose he felt too good. Next time he was very happy and asked to repeat the same medicine which he was given previously.

Within few days, his nasal polypus diminished and his continuous discharge of white colour was also over. This happened in about Nov 2005. I asked him to stop the medicine, but he insisted on continuing the medicine. Every time he says, “Oh I am very fine but I will take medicine for some time more so that it may not increase.”

  • A Strange Case: Abnormal Habit

Complaints: Enuresis
The child had the problem of enuresis.
On asking about his nature his mother told about a very strange habit of the child. She told that he catches hold lizards & mouse and clips them on the wire (which is used for drying wet clothes). He feels no danger. He is not afraid of all of these animals. He enjoys playing with small insects, cockroaches etc. She said that they have tried to stop him from doing so but he catches the animals so easily that we are astonished.

His mother told further that all the time he wants to remain out. He doesn’t remain at home. All the time he wants to be out.

The child’s appearance was not at all pleasing with thick scabs of saliva at the corners of his lips.


1.4.2002 Merc Sol. 30.


8.4:2002 Urine passed only thrice, earlier it was daily.
22.4:2002 Passed no urine in bed. He even stopped playing with lizards & rats. (Abnormal habit also improved with medicine.)
29.4.2002 Improvement.
6.5.2002 Never passed urine in bed from many days.
20.5.2002 100% OK. He has stopped playing with lizards and stopped
holding lizards or rats and tying them with clips on the wire.
No enuresis

The family members of the patient come to me for medicine for one or the other member of the family and they tell me that the boy is totally fine now.

  • Abnormal Habit of Spitting

KK, 12/M
The child has the habit of spitting. He spits all the time. He spits everywhere.

Regarding anger his mother said, “Dr. he is very violent. He gets angry too much and throws things on us. He feels sorry after doing the wrong thing. He broke a bottle one month ago. He is too bad. He has no fear of dark but has little fear of injection, not much.”

Analysis : After taking into consideration, the common medicine came out was Lyssin.


15.4.03 Lyssin 30/1.
29.4.03 Lyssin 6/1,
6.5.03 Better, anger comparatively less.
13.5.03 Improved a lot. No spitting. Anger also less.
27.5.03 100% alright.
4.6.03 Alright, totally fine, advised to stop medicine.
  • Acute Bronchitis case

This is the case of a 6 year old male child suffering from severe acute bronchitis. He had thick nasal discharge and his ears started aching badly along with his throat. He used to suffer from this problem very frequently and every time he had to take strong allopathic antibiotics and steroids. And when doctors gave him inhalers, asthalin and other steroids, his parents got worried and came to me.

I asked about his nature. His mother said, “He is a very restless child, very mischievous who can’t sit still at one place. He is always busy doing one thing or the other. He is very creative. He is very intelligent but he doesn’t do his homework properly. He wants to stand first in the class but he doesn’t want to study. Even if he does something, it is all haphazard. He is very quick in doing his work. “

“He gets up in the morning and immediately takes bath and gets ready. He always puts on a clean and well ironed uniform so that people can compliment him that he is looking nice. He also can’t stop talking. His mind is overflowing with ideas and he keeps on speaking continuously. He asks a lot of questions. He has a lot of value for time. Many times he asks me not to waste his time as he wants to do this or that. He loves playing.”

When asked about fears, he said that he had no marked fears of dark and had little fear of injections but was quite afraid of high and narrow places. He had fear of robbers as well.

When enquired about his jealousy factor, his mother said, “If he gets less he is difficult to control. He always wants more and feels pride that he has several toys. He likes to boast about his toys to his friends. He never shares anything with others. If he has to go to a birthday party, he will buy two gifts, one for the birthday boy and the other for himself.”

Regarding anger, she told me that he gets angry quite easily and even gets violent at times. He doesn’t bother for anyone and even beats his one year old sister. He doesn’t take care of his sister. He can’t take care because he can’t perform anything in a proper way. He is very impatient. If he wants a particular type of dish, he wants the whole for himself. In school if there is a race competition and some other guy comes first, he starts feeling jealous. He is also very quarrelsome.

This is a type of patient who is very intelligent and full of ideas and has creative mind but can’t sit still; has to do something all the time. But he can’t perform anything in an orderly manner. He is full of jealous. The main rubric that led to Lachesis is ‘Sit aversion to’ and ‘Chaotic, orderly manner, cannot perform anything in a’.

After giving Lachesis 30, he felt much better in his throat symptoms and chest infection. In the next few days he was perfectly alright. He has not used any inhaler or antibiotics since then.

About four years have passed and his mother still comes to me many times for one or the other problem but the child is totally fine. In case he suffers from some illness, I always give him a dose of Lachesis30 and he is fine in a few hours.

This is such a case which gave me a variety of symptoms of Lachesis and made me understand this medicine so closely that now whenever a patient of such symptoms comes to me, I always prescribe Lachesis.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.