Ms SK, age 25 years came to me for the treatment of depression. She had acne and freckles on her face and pain in epigastrium also. Depression was from 3-4 months, acne and freckles from 2-3 years and pain in epigastrium with diminished appetite also from 3-4 months.

When asked about the reason for her depression she narrated her case history like this.

She said, “Dr. Sahib, I am very unfortunate. My husband is a drug addict. He doesn’t bother for the family. Whatever he earns he spends on his addiction. Actually I got married ten years ago and I have two sons. Due to my husband’s addiction, the elders in my family were worried. One day my brother in law asked me to stay with him. He said that he will take care of me and my children. Initially there was reluctance on my part but later on he made me feel that he loves me so much that he will keep me as his wife and will not marry someone else. I and all family members agreed. My elder son, who is 9 years old, got angry on hearing this and he didn’t allow me to either talk to him or sleep in his bedroom. He didn’t even talk to his uncle for 2-3 months. This process continued for over a year. “

“My brother in law on the other hand loved and cared for me. He relieved me of all my miseries.”

“After one year, he went to Chandigarh for some work and started staying there. Everything was alright for quite a long time. He used to call me on mobile daily. But after sometime something happened to him and he started avoiding me. Earlier he used to come back from Chandigarh on every week end and now he comes after 15-20 days. He doesn’t want to talk to me. He doesn’t pick up when I call him and sometimes even switches off his mobile. When I asked him what has happened to him; he said that he was alright and asked me to go back to my husband.”

“This thing broke me internally. I can not live with a person who abuses and hits me. (She showed me the mark of injury on her forehead).”

“Dr. Sahib, What do I do now? I am totally devastated. I cry all the time. I feel very sad. I belong to a good family. What has happened to me now? I just can not come to terms with what has happened to me. He has deceived me. I still love him very much. Why is he avoiding me? I don’t know the reason. I feel that I am unfortunate because of what has happened with me. I want to talk to him but he is not available. He doesn’t pick up the phone. I want to concentrate on worshipping God but I am not able to do it.” (She cried in my dispensary a number of times.)

“Dr. Sahib I don’t want to live, I want to die. I am poor, miserable and helpless. I even tried committing suicide by consuming some medicine but my family members immediately took me to the hospital and I was saved. I have nothing in my pocket. Now neither I belong to my husband nor to that person. He has ruined my life. But I still love him (brother in law). I want to live with him. He went to the gurudwara with me and vowed that he will take care of me and my children. But he has deceived me. I still love that person. I want to talk to him.

I gave her Sepia in 30 potency.

There was no relief as she had the same miserable feeling with lot of love and affection for the person who deceived her. She was constantly crying. She was given Sepia in different potencies. But there was no relief.

When there was no relief, her case was taken again. This time she told me that she wants to commit suicide. (She again started weeping.) I was searching for a rubric to suit her condition. Under rubric ‘suicidal’ I saw a sub rubric: suicidal from love disappointment with weeping. There was only one medicine i.e. Aurum Met. So, I gave her Aurum Met 30.

Next week when she came to me she told that she has stopped crying for him and is totally relaxed.

After another 15 days she was totally cured of her depression.

Note: Sometimes single rubrics work magically as it happened in this case. If we see the picture and behaviour of Aurum, one is very responsible and at the top in one’s field. But in her circumstances she was totally down with her situation. This is the first case where in depression I used Aurum and got excellent result.

If we see Aurum Met, it has constant dwelling on suicide as it is in Naja but not like Nux Vomica where he has no courage to commit suicide. There is profound melancholy, feels hateful and quarrelsome, desire to commit suicide and life is constant burden.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.