SD, 21/F, has chronic cough for the last 5 years. She takes medicine only when her problem aggravates otherwise she does not take medicine.

On being asked about her nature she said, “I often get angry but I don’t express. I don’t say anything to anyone.”

On being asked the reason for it, she replied, “Why to say anything to anyone? It is of no use. I have small children; I do not even beat them when they misbehave.”

I asked, “Is it due to some fear or there is some other reason?” She replied, “No, not because of fear. I feel that there is no use in fighting.” (It is important to be clear why the patient does not say anything to anyone because it may be due to fear, timidity, cowardliness, reverence etc.)

Any other problem?
No, I have everything at home. I am fully satisfied with whatever I have.”


7.5.04 Cocculus Indicus 30


14.5.04 Improved.
21.5.04 Improved.
28.5.04 100% recovery.
15.6.04 No problem since then .
It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.