In another similar case a lady of 60 years of age came with the problem of breast tumour. She was suffering from chronic coryza from many years. She also had sour eructation and vomiting for the last five to seven days.

When she was asked that whether she has taken some medicine, she replied laughingly, no, there is no such treatment for tumour, so she has taken no medicine. On asking about the person who told her that there is no such treatment, she replied, “Someone in her neighbourhood.” The patient had a casual approach towards her problem which could be a serious one. Regarding her nature she told me that she gets angry very quickly but for few minutes only. She was laughing while speaking to me and had no anxiety about the tumour.

Bell 30 was given on 10.9.02.

After fifteen days, breast tumour totally disappeared. Her vomiting also stopped. She told me that she has joint pains also, from last twelve years (frivolous, non-serious attitude). Today she feels relief in the pain of her joints which she did not tell earlier.

After one month, her pains also disappeared. She was advised to stop the medicine and come for general check up after two months.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.