A lady of 45 years came for the treatment of Breast tumour. Allopathic doctors advised her to go in for operation.

Case History:
I asked her if doctors have advised her to go in for surgery why she is avoiding. She replied that she doesn’t want to go in for any operation. She has no fear of the operation but she does not have the time for operation. Previously, she had a tumour in the uterus and hysterectomy was done.

While taking her case history she told me that she does not want anything from anyone. She is happy with whatever she has. She further told that she is a carefree person. Even she does not bother about her own problem. She doesn’t tell her problem to anyone. She has no enemy and she is happy in her family. She does not bother about other family members.

Prescription :
She was given Opium 30.

After one month, the tumour reduced to half the size. But she had 3-4 big boils on her left leg. She was advised to bear the pain and not to take any other medicine or injection or antibiotics.
(In homoeopathy it is considered that when a well selected medicine is administered, the toxin matter which gets deposited in the body comes out through expulsions; it is in the form of boils, fever, vomiting, loose motions or any other discharge or change in the behaviour. This should not be stopped. The toxins come out of the body and give relief to the ailment. No other medicine is required to stop the exit of toxins from the body. They go by themselves in a short time. This is seen in many cases.) After 7 days, the boils on her leg got too worse but she did not take any medicine, and her breast tumour almost disappeared.

After next 15 days, her boils healed up and there was a oozing of pus and her breast tumour vanished totally.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.