This is the case of a 6 year old male child suffering from severe acute bronchitis. He had thick nasal discharge and his ears started aching badly along with his throat. He used to suffer from this problem very frequently and every time he had to take strong allopathic antibiotics and steroids. And when doctors gave him inhalers, asthalin and other steroids, his parents got worried and came to me.

I asked about his nature. His mother said, “He is a very restless child, very mischievous who can’t sit still at one place. He is always busy doing one thing or the other. He is very creative. He is very intelligent but he doesn’t do his homework properly. He wants to stand first in the class but he doesn’t want to study. Even if he does something, it is all haphazard. He is very quick in doing his work. “

“He gets up in the morning and immediately takes bath and gets ready. He always puts on a clean and well ironed uniform so that people can compliment him that he is looking nice. He also can’t stop talking. His mind is overflowing with ideas and he keeps on speaking continuously. He asks a lot of questions. He has a lot of value for time. Many times he asks me not to waste his time as he wants to do this or that. He loves playing.”

When asked about fears, he said that he had no marked fears of dark and had little fear of injections but was quite afraid of high and narrow places. He had fear of robbers as well.

When enquired about his jealousy factor, his mother said, “If he gets less he is difficult to control. He always wants more and feels pride that he has several toys. He likes to boast about his toys to his friends. He never shares anything with others. If he has to go to a birthday party, he will buy two gifts, one for the birthday boy and the other for himself.”

Regarding anger, she told me that he gets angry quite easily and even gets violent at times. He doesn’t bother for anyone and even beats his one year old sister. He doesn’t take care of his sister. He can’t take care because he can’t perform anything in a proper way. He is very impatient. If he wants a particular type of dish, he wants the whole for himself. In school if there is a race competition and some other guy comes first, he starts feeling jealous. He is also very quarrelsome.

Analysis: This is a type of patient who is very intelligent and full of ideas and has creative mind but can’t sit still; has to do something all the time. But he can’t perform anything in an orderly manner. He is full of jealous. The main rubric that led to Lachesis is ‘Sit aversion to’ and ‘Chaotic, orderly manner, cannot perform anything in a’.

Report: After giving Lachesis 30, he felt much better in his throat symptoms and chest infection. In the next few days he was perfectly alright. He has not used any inhaler or antibiotics since then.

About four years have passed and his mother still comes to me many times for one or the other problem but the child is totally fine. In case he suffers from some illness, I always give him a dose of Lachesis30 and he is fine in a few hours.

This is such a case which gave me a variety of symptoms of Lachesis and made me understand this medicine so closely that now whenever a patient of such symptoms comes to me, I always prescribe Lachesis.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.