Ms. S. K.

Age 32 years (at the time of diagnosis)

Diagnosis Adenocarcinoma of kidney.

Present complaints :

1. Severe pain in lower back and lower abdomen on the right side.

2. Pain in legs

3. Pus and blood in urine

Past history: She had been experiencing pain on the left side of lower region of back and abdomen for a long time. Once she had retention of urine accompanied with pain and she was able to get relief after she took strong pain killers. Also there was blood in her urine (haematuria). Doctors doubted it to be a case of renal calculus and advised her to go in for an X-ray or ultrasonography. But the patient didn’t go in for any tests.

She had severe pain many times and she used to take pain killers to suppress it.

In Feb. 2001 she had severe pain with pus and blood in her urine. She went to the doctor and was advised to get an X-ray.

Her Ultrasonography report showed a 118 x 78mm complex mass at lower calyx of left kidney and 11mm size calculus was seen in Gall Bladder.

Diagnosis :

Choelcystitis with cholelithiasis,

Mass left kidney.

She was advised operation.

7th Feb. 2001, IVP kidney showed 12.0X 9.0cm soft mass and left kidney (middle and lower part) replaced by soft tissue mass with splaying of middle calyceal system.

8th Feb. 2001, Nephrectomy done at a private hospital and mass sent for biopsy.

13th Feb. 2001, Biopsy Report showed CARCINOMA OF KIDNEY.

28th Feb. 2001, to confirm the report another biopsy was done in a different laboratory which confirmed ADENOCARCINOMA OF KIDNEY.

The patient was advised radiotherapy to destroy the cancer and to reduce the risk of damage to normal tissue.

13th March 2001, the patient went to Rajindra Hospital, Patiala (Punjab) but the radiotherapy machine was out of order so she was referred to PGI Chandigarh.

On account of fear of radiotherapy and high cost and expenditure, the patient remained at home without any treatment. The condition of the patient worsened and pain in the lower abdomen on right side had also started. Pus and blood in the urine continued. She became very weak. She was unable to do any work. She even found it difficult to stand. But she didn’t take any treatment or radiotherapy.

On 5th May 2001, She came to my charitable dispensary at Patran a small town near Patiala. She was very weak. By this time she was experiencing pain in lower back region also. She was afraid of recurrence of tumour in the right side and scared of another operation.
Case taking:

“I was operated upon 3 months back and my left kidney has been removed with a very big tumour. But now there is pain in the right side also and I feel that the other kidney has also been affected, I don’t want to go in for another operation.”


“I am afraid of pain.”

“Whether it is pain or there is some other fear also?”

“I don’t want to go in for operation.”

“But why?”

“No, no, I want only medicine, you give me medicine.”

On asking about her nature and anger she told laughingly that sometimes she gets very angry and speaks whatever comes to her mind during the time she is angry.


“Yes, sometimes I repent while other times I don’t care.”

“Do you like watching television or listening to music?”

“Yes I watch a lot of television. It is my favourite pastime.”

“Desire for company?”

“I can’t stay alone. I want all at home.”

“Any worry or tension?”

(Laughing) No, not at all. If I have a problem I tolerate it. I don’t tell about my problem to anyone as no one can do anything about it.

“What do you feel about recovery?”

“It’s all up to God. I don’t know. If I die, its His wish. I have no fear of death.

But she was getting irritated from our questioning.

I wanted to be clear whether she was afraid of operation or was she afraid of the suffering associated with the operation. So, I again asked her why she didn’t want to go in for an operation.

She replied irritatingly, “I have fear because I have undergone a big operation and a big tumour has been removed. With great difficulty I have come out of that suffering. I can’t think of another operation.”

Suddenly, she started crying very loudly and ran out of the dispensary. She refused to take any medicine. I requested her to come in and please tell something more about her problem. She refused and kept on crying and didn’t take any medicine. She kept shouting that they will operate me and went home.

Her husband was given the medicine which he administered to her forcefully.


5.5.2001 Hyoscyamus 30.
12.5.2001 Slight improvement.
19.5.2001 Headache.
9.6.2001 She had loose stools. She had fear because pus in urine continued. Though there was some relief but the pain on the right side was as it is. She had the fear that her second kidney may also get damaged.
30.6.2001 No relief, had to take allopathic pain killers. Hoys. 6.
14.7.2001 No relief.

As there was not much improvement in the case, it was re-examined.

Re-Case taking :
She told laughingly that she had headache and pain in abdomen. Her laughing and her care-free and casual approach to the disease were very important. Even with so much problem she was continuously laughing with no anxiety or fearful expressions on her face.

On asking about house-hold work she replied that she did only that amount of work which she could do easily.

“Any worry or tension?”

No, just a little bit of tension about health. (Laughingly)

“Liking for TV/Music?”

Yes, I watch TV all day but don’t like singing or dancing.

Though the symptoms were the same but there was a misinterpretation of her symptoms during her first visit. Now the medicine was different, based on her casual and non-serious approach towards a dreaded disease.


14.7.2001 Bell 30/1.
21.7.2001 Vomiting, but she didn’t come. She asked her husband to bring medicine for her.
4.8.2001 No pain in abdomen, pain in legs and headache reduced to a great extent.
18.8.2001 Quite relieved. No pain in legs and no occurrence of headache. But she felt as if she was getting fat. Medicine was continued weekly for one month with improvement in all the symptoms.
29.9.2001 Cough because she took a lot of butter (malai) with sugar. Fever and coryza also. Bell 6/1.
6.10.2001 The patient was very happy and cheerful, though she lost some of her sleep and had occasional pain in leg. But there was no pain in abdomen and she looked healthy.

Medicine was continued for 3 months even though she had some problems in between. No other medicine was given. A higher potency was also not given. She was advised to go in for ultra sound (ultra sonography) or a CT scan.


The importance of this case lies not only in the cure of adenocarcinoma of kidney but in the fact that infiltration or metastasis has not taken place. The patient suffered from pain in right side of abdomen with pus and blood in the urine which continued even 3 months after the operation which was suggestive of either infiltration or metastatis. With homoeopathic medicine the pain in abdomen, pus and blood in urine stopped. Even the gall bladder stone which was of 11mm size also disappeared. She does all the work at home. She can walk properly. She comes to me regularly for her children’s medicine also.

Six years have passed and she has not experienced any problem.

It is advised not to take any medicine on your own by reading the treated cases.