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It is amazing that a correct homoeopathic diagnosis often depends, not upon what the problem is, but upon how you express it; in fact the exact words that you use. In this way homeopathy has a direct link with not only with the body but also with the mind. That is why the study of homeopathy is a fascinating art because it travels into uncharted territory.

- K.K.Bhatnagar,IAS
Punjab Human Rights Commission
Sarb Niwas,
9/10, Prem Nagar,
Bhadson Road, Patiala
Pin - 147001
Punjab, (India)
(O) +91-175-5014513
(M) +91-9814630513
(M) +91-9814610513

It gives me great pleasure to know that Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh has launched a website for the spread of Homoeopathy. I am sure that this noble effort will stand out as a landmark in making Homoeopathy popular.  I have been associated with this system of medical therapy for a long time and had also taken steps to bring the main three systems of treatment (allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurvedic) under one roof during my tenure as Principal Secretary, Health, Punjab. I hope this website will be of immense benefit to the people in general by facilitating access to knowledge about Homeopathy as a system of medicine and will be a real boon for the patients in particular enabling them to avail the services of an experienced and learned Homeopath like Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh. I congratulate her for this remarkable effort.

Gurbinder K Chahal,
IAS (Retd.)

I have a lifelong tendency to develop a sore throat. In spite of gargling and  “Desi”(traditional) medicine, the throat once caught, gets worse, my voice grows hoarse and sometimes goes dead completely. When it recovers, cough sets in and I have to ultimately take recourse to allopathic antibiotics. This cycle lasts for three weeks, sometimes a month and a half. Even the residual problem takes 15 days. By then the next cycle is ready to start. Thus it was that once I approached a homoeopathic doctor with a bad throat a few days before an important seminar. I told him that the seminar was extremely important to me & I dreaded another 25 days cycle of sore throat, dead voice and bad cough. In short, I was 'desperate'. Even as he fiddled inside his medicine chest, I started filling him in about which medicine had suited me in the past and which one I had already taken this time. He held up his hand, “It does not matter; you have given a complete clue to your malady with the word "desperate". He selected an exact malady and sure enough, just one dose cured me completely.

It is amazing that a correct homoeopathic diagnosis often depends, not upon what the problem is, but upon how you express it; in fact the exact words that you use. In this way homeopathy has a direct link with not only with the body but also with the mind. That is why the study of homeopathy is a fascinating art because it travels into uncharted territory.

Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh is an outstanding doctor in the world of homoeopathy. Her approach towards homoeopathy, amicable nature and a rare combination of a pleasing personality with brains make her stand out among all homoeopaths. I wish her the very best of success in the service of humanity and patient cure.
- K. K. Bhatnagar, IAS
Punjab State Human Rights Commission
Govt.of Punjab

It’s a matter of great pleasure that you are creating a website for yourself which, in fact, represents a new branch of homoeopathy. As you know, my wife, who was suffering from a very serious problem of skin disease, got a great relief from your medication. Somebody had recommended your name to us for the treatment of my wife’s problem. That gave us an opportunity of meeting you and Dr. Avtar Singh, who himself is a homoeopath of great repute.
I was brought up under homoeopathic care throughout because my mother was a homoeopathic practitioner. This background gave me an opportunity of reading several books on homoeopathy. From these books I had learnt that mental symptoms are of great significance in treatment, but I never knew that mental symptoms can be the sole basis for diagnosis and treatment. Your philosophy and mission of emphasising the mental state of an individual, the sole basis of recognising the personality of the individual is indeed a great contribution to homoeopathy.

I wish you success in your endeavour.

- B.K Srivastava, I.A.S.
Director General

Mahatama Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration
Sector – 26, Chandigarh (India)

A physician’s clinic is like a temple for the patient who comes to visit their doctor with the sanguine hope that their ailments and suffering would be cured and normal health restored.

I know a lot of allopathic doctors who are reputed and have excelled in their field of expertise. But the same can not be said about homoeopaths known to me. Dr. Avtar Singh and Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh are one of the few who have carved a niche for themselves in the field of Homoeopathy.

Dr. Neelam started her ambitious scheme of providing medical facility to the rural people on charity basis and opened charitable homoeopathic dispensaries. Her prime objective is to serve the poor. She started her career with the dispensary at Nidampur in 1987 where she got an overwhelming response from the people.

A physician must be highly qualified, should be a good listener, should be caring and kind etc. I find all these qualities embedded in her. I am very much impressed by the way she studies each and every case and tries to go to the root of the problem. The way she applies her mind to zero in on to the medicine is truly remarkable.

I wish her good luck in her endeavour to serve the mankind.

- Ashish Sharma, I.A.S.
Municipal Commissioner
Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune

I truly appreciate Dr. Avtar Singh and Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh for launching a new website of their own. This is the best possible way to reach out to the masses. I have known them from the last 25 years and I must confess that I owe a lot to them.

In 1985, I had severe acute bronchitis. I could not get any relief from allopathic medicines. So, I decided to take Medicine from Dr. Avtar Singh and Neelam. I was cured by the first dose itself and I have never experienced the problem again in my life. The whole incident was truly amazing and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Later on, in 1993 I was in Abohar when I witnessed an acute liver problem. It was so severe that my Hb reduced to 7gm% and I could not even eat food. I had completely lost my appetite and had nausea and vomiting. Everything used to get blocked in my throat and I became extremely weak. I took allopathic medicines but to no avail. So, I went to Dr. Avtar Singh and Dr. Neelam to get the treatment of my liver problem. Again within two hours of taking the medicine, I asked for the food myself and ate it for the first time after many days. Within a few days I was back to normal.

I wish them prosperity and good luck for the future.
- Er. A.S.Dhami
M.D. (Retd.)
Punjab Sewerage Board

Dear Dr. Neelam,

Congratulations for launching ur website.

I was excited after hearing the news about new launching website. U r one of the best Editors of ‘Homoeopathic Community Journal’. And ur articles are always excellent and intelligent piece of work. Because of u Homoeopathy is flourishing  thru ur editing in magazine. U r one of the devoting Homoeopath who is sacrificing ur own busy time for the sake of Homoeopathy. Because of that ur sincerity, ur magazine is achieved top most rank in India & Abroad also.  

"The great thing a little lamp can do which the big sun cannot do is, it gives light when it is night. No one is superior by size, but by purpose & u r one of the enlightening Homoeopath who is carrying the torch of homoeopathy & walking on the HANHEMANNEAN Path."

God may bless U!
The love of cloud always shower on U. Enjoy Monsoon.

Thanking u with Regards.
Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam, Poona

- Dr. Amarsinha D. Nikam
Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital and healing Center,
Near Tapovan Mandir, Pimpri Gaon,
Pune 411017

Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh is a hard working, intelligent & a bold lady of our group of senior doctors. She works tirelessly and as a result she stands at the top everywhere. Whether as a head of the Red Cross Homoeopathic dispensary in village Nadampur (Distt. Sangrur), or as a ‘Block Development & Panchayat Officer’ in Fatehgarh sahib district; she has excelled in every role. Now as in-charge of weekly Homeopathic units, she visits Bhawanigarh, Mohali, Sanour and Cheeka. Along with all this, she bears the load of typing, checking and re-checking of total matter being published in our prestigious ‘Homoeopathy Community Journal’. She is also the co-author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Homeopathy & Mind’. Both the journal and the book are dedicated to our Master Late Dr. M.L. Sehgal who gave us a new method of selecting medicine based on the mental state of the patient. Behind all her works/ projects is the strong support of her husband Dr. Avtar Singh. Very few men have the quality of supporting their spouse. 

I wish her success in her life.
Dr. A.S. Mann, Sangrur
- Dr. A.S. Mann
Editor, Homoeopathic Community Journal
When I first met Dr Neelam Avtar Singh i.e. around 10-11 years back, I felt as if I had known her from a very long time. Her reception was so convincing that I did not feel as a new entrant. I am working with her from that day onwards. Her dedication towards her profession is to the extreme. She is so energetic that she proves good mother, attending her house holds, placing every relation on its place without any inconvenience and attending her clinic, fulfilling her duties by attending her subsidies regularly, which itself proves her capabilities of attending to the patients we can say nothing more but the “HE MAN” energy.

If we talk about lady homoeopaths then she is really very successful and without doubt I would say that she is the No.1 lady homoeopath.

- Dr. Bhupinder Singh
Ex- Chairman, Homoeopathic Council,



Its a matter of extreme pleasure that Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh is launching her website. I feel proud to be treated by her. About 4-5years back I had the problem of cyst on my vocal cords. I got treatment from PGI, Chandigarh and many other doctors for more than one year but there was no relief. Doctors advised me for the operation but with no certainty whether I would get my voice again and sing songs or not. I was reluctant for surgery. I was depressed as my whole carrier was based on my voice and If I could not sing it would have finished my life as well. Then one day my friend S.Gurupkar Singh took me to Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh in Mohali. I took medicine and to my utter surprise within a week I was able to record my songs which were pending from more than two years. After one week when I went to PGI, the doctors there were astonished to see the results. They saw my throat again and again and could not search any cyst. I continued medicine for some time and now I am singing with the same high note pitch.

I heartily thank her and congratulate her and wish all the success for treating such cases where surgery can be avoided.

Surjit Khan
A renowned singer



I was suffering from a very severe pain in my knees with recurrent displacement of my knees. I was not able to walk or stand. It was diagnosed as 'Cyst in Knees'. I went to Govt Medical College and Hospital at sector 32, Chandigarh. Doctors advised me to go in for a knee operation and give rest to my knees. But I went to Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh for homoeopathic treatment. After 2-3 months of homoeopathic treatment I was relieved of my pain. I started morning walk and felt no pain or displacement. Now 2 years have passed and I am perfectly alright. I can stand in my shop for hours together and can do my morning walk daily for about 5-6 km. I am thankful to Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh who helped me get rid of my knee problem.

- Sanjay Verma,
I had been suffering from migraine from the last 25 years. Since then I was taking medicine for this purpose but all in vain. I got no relief. Then on the advice of a friend I went to Dr. Neelam and got medicine. I got relief within a few weeks after taking medicine from her. I am fully fit now thanks to Dr. Neelam and her wonderful medicine.
- Jai Bhagwan
1146-A, Sector 41-B,
My daughter, Jasmeen was suffering from Gluten allergy. In the beginning, she had pain in abdomen with loose motions, weight loss and low haemoglobin level. We went to PGI, Chandigarh where she was diagnosed as suffering from Wheat allergy (Gluten allergy). Doctors advised her to stop eating wheat and wheat products for life as there was danger of recurrence of the problem. We went to Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh for homoeopathic treatment. After six months of treatment my daughter was free from the allergy. Now she is eating all the wheat products. Her health improved and her haemoglobin which was very less has also improved to 12.6gm%. Now she is enjoying all kind of foods including wheat. All thanks to Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh.

- Dimple
(Mother of the child)

I was diagnosed with Hypo-thyroidism within few months after my marriage. The disease had been disturbing my routine life as I used to experience lot of fatigue, mood swings and laziness.
Most importantly, I was concerned about the impact of Thyroid in case I try to conceive.
The Oncologist told me that it is temporary condition of my thyroid glands & would be rectified in some months.Was skeptical to start the typical Thyroid treatment in allopathy, in which one has to depend upon life-long medicines .My mother being Hyper-thyroidism patient, has been taking that medicine for almost last 10-12 yrs.
Then, I consulted Dr. Neelam Avtar Singh regarding this. She has been our family doctor for years. I started feeling better after just one dose & my 2 consecutive reports were normal in just couple of months after taking medicine from her. One more good news, that I am on the family way now.........
Homeopathy worked wonders for me. Thanks to Dr. Neelam, she helped me in quick recovery from Hypo-thyroid and restoring back good health which is the best gift anyone can give.

Jasmeet Bedi


I, Prem Kumar, resident of Patiala, has been a patient of allergy, cold since childhood. I got ashthma problem since 1984.  Since January 2009, I was also suffering from arthritis due to which there was severe pain in  my body, high fever and rashes on my body. I was taking allopathy treatment regulary for all these health problems. However, there was no relief but the problems were aggravating. Luckly in the month of July 2009, one of my old friends met me per chance and advised me to consult Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Avtar Singh and take homeopathy treatment from her.
As per his advice I met Doctor Saheb immediately and started homeopathy treatment. The homeopathy medicine prescribed by her to me was so effective that within one month I got 70% relief.  My ESR was 118, HB level 8gm, weight 54 kg, TLC above 12000 before start of homeopathy treatment.
These are now absolutely normal: ESR 10, HB 15gm, weight 62kg, TLC 5000. I am now feeling normal.
All credit goes to Dr (Mrs.) Neelam Avtar Singh for solving my health problems.  May God bless her!

- Prem Kumar
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